Hort Innovation apple and pear marketing

Hort Innovation manages apple and pear marketing using the the apple and pear industry levy funds from growers. For more information please contact Olivia Grey, Apple and Pear Marketing Manager at Hort Innovation on 02 8295 2387.

Hailstorm Heroes wins Marketer of the Year award

  APAL congratulates Hort Innovation's Olivia Grey for winning the Marketer of the Year award after her role in the successful Hailstorm Heroes campaign developed to highlight the good eating quality of South Australian apple and pears despite superficial blemishes incurred in major hailstorms early in the growing season in 2018. The campaign was well [...]

Consumer insights to drive refreshed pear marketing

New levy-funded research into pear consumer attitudes and perceptions will underpin refreshed Australian Pear branding and marketing reports Hort Innovation Marketing Manager Apple and Pears Olivia Grey. Following a tender process, research agency Fifty-Five Five has been engaged by Hort Innovation to undertake marketing levy-funded consumer research for the pear industry. One of the recommendations [...]

Hong Kong marketing pilot identifies niche opportunities

Following an open tender in 2017, Tasmanian-based Hansen Orchards was one of the successful service providers chosen to undertake the Pilot marketing activities to drive offshore demand for apples project. Hansen Orchards Marketing Manager Baden Ribbon and Hort Innovation Apple and Pear Marketing Manager Olivia Grey report on the outcomes of the project. Hansen [...]

Hailstorm Heroes campaign in running for marketing award

  The levy-funded Hailstorm Heroes marketing campaign for hail-affected apples and pears and Freshmax's Every bite a masterpiece™ campaign for Modi® apples are both in the running for a prestigious fresh produce and floral industries marketing award to be announced at Hort Connections 2019. Campaign managers for the two campaigns - Hort Innovation's Apple and Pear Marketing [...]

Hailstorm Heroes returns in 2019

After devastating hailstorms in South Australia late last year, new season fruit has been left dotted with hail marks for the second year running. South Australian growers want to assure consumers that a few spots on the skin of the fruit do not affect the texture or flavour in any way. However, to draw attention [...]

2018 industry marketing hits top gear

Keeping apples and pears front-of-the-mind and making sure consumers know how to get the best from them underpins levy-funded marketing investment. Hort Innovation’s Olivia Grey shares some of the successes of the 2018 campaign. Apple activity Most of the above-the-line advertising – advertising that targets a broad range of consumers via mass media (i.e. television, [...]

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Finding new growth in a mature market

It can often be a challenge to find new ways to grow in mature categories already purchased by most Australian households like Apples and Pears; however, Nielsen Homescan analysis reveals that there are pockets of opportunity for both. Focusing on particular varieties or packs; and increasing purchase frequency by inspiring consumers to use apples and [...]

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Pathways to boosting apple and pear consumption

There are many paths to increasing apple and pear consumption – the ultimate target of levy-funded marketing activities. Hort Innovation’s Olivia Grey shares an update of targeted marketing activities part of the 2018 marketing campaign for apples and pears. Apples advertising wrapping up Most of the above-the-line advertising – advertising that targets a broad range [...]

Influencing and inspiring apple consumption

Hort Innovation has partnered with three influential nutritionists and health and food bloggers to help inspire the greater use of and purchase of apples across their wide audience of followers. Working with health and food social ‘influencers’ – people with a high profile who write, talk or otherwise communicate, particularly across social media – extends [...]

Welcome to new Relationship Manager Sam Turner

Apple and pears have a new point of contact with industry R&D with the appointment of Sam Turner as the new Hort Innovation Relationship Manager for Apples and Pears. Sam takes over from Mark Spees - who moves to citrus, tablegrapes, cherries and summerfruit - as the key industry contact with Hort Innovation, which oversees [...]

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