A national netting program for apples and pears

Extreme weather events this year have highlighted the need for netting to protect against hail, sunburn, birds and flying foxes. APAL’s Head of Government Relations and Advocacy Jeremy Griffith has been busy developing a submission to Government for a program of achievable support for growers to protect their crops and improve long term sustainability. Weather [...]

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State Associations round up

On Tuesday 12 Feb, APAL Head of Advocacy and Government Relations Jeremy Griffith hosted a State Associations teleconference with the goal of bringing together state grower bodies and facilitate collaboration. Present on the call were representatives from every apple and pear growing state: Fruit Growers Victoria, Fruit Growers Tasmania, NSW Farmers, APGASA (SA), Growcom (Qld), [...]

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APAL strengthens growers’ voice with advocacy appointment

Apple and Pear Australia Ltd (APAL) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeremy Griffith to the new role of Head of Advocacy and Government Relations. CEO Phil Turnbull said advocacy was an important area for both APAL and the apple and pear industry and the new role would significantly strengthen growers’ voice and representation [...]

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APAL seeks fair pricing for apple and pear growers

Australian apple and pear growers are calling on marketers and retailers to set fair prices for new season fruit and not use the current surplus to sell quality fruit at below-cost prices. Current prices paid for new season pears are not covering the cost of production. The industry’s peak body Apple & Pear [...]

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Horticulture Council will unlock combined industry voice

A new Horticultural Council will unlock the national voice of a combined horticultural sector. The announcement this week of a cross-sector horticultural council headed by the National Farmers Federation (NFF), provides the fruit industry, and specifically apple and pear growers, an opportunity to share, develop and voice strategies and policy which will take the sector [...]

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Apples next priority for China access, Joyce confirms

**UPDATE: Australia and China signed off on new market access protocols for peaches, plums and apricots on November 9.**   Apples are next in line for market access negotiations with China, the Federal Government confirmed this week. Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce announced on Monday that Australia and China had struck a new ‘two and two’ agreement [...]

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China would be berry good for apples

In response to the article ‘Berry very good for now’ (Good, Fruit and Vegetables, 9 Dec 2016), Australian apple growers have defended the position of apples as being the next horticultural commodity in line that the Government negotiates market access to China for. APAL's position APAL supports and respects the Australian Government’s process of [...]

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APAL submission on the ‘backpacker’ tax to Senate inquiry

Backpacker tax: APAL has made a submission to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee regarding the Working Holiday Maker Reform package, which sought to address issues raised about the proposed implementation of a higher tax rate for people working in Australia on a Working Holiday Maker visa (417 visa) that backpackers who work in horticulture often travel to Australia [...]

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Hort growers demand attention at Parliament House

Visit the Voice of Horticulture website. APAL was involved in the Voice of Horticulture presentation at Parliament House to represent all horticultural growers. Read the Voice of Horticulture media release: Hort growers demand attention at Parliament House (19 Mar 2015) Media contacts at Voice of Horticulture.

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Growers head to Parliament House

Representatives of Australia’s apple and pear industry including APAL and growers visited Canberra in October to update Senators and Members of Parliament (MPs) on key industry issues. APAL’s John Dollisson talks to parliamentarians and their advisors about Pink Lady™ apples at the Liberal Dialogue in Horticulture lunch. The Liberal Dialogue in Horticulture lunch, [...]

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