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Bernard Salt AM to present insights on the Australian consumer market at 2023 APAL Industry Forum


Bernard Salt AM

Renowned demographer Bernard Salt AM returns to APAL this time armed with the latest census results to slice and dice the Australian consumer market and to scope out demand for the apple and pear industry.

Bernard will be presenting ‘Millennials and Migrants, Boomers and Zoomers: Meet the communities that will drive apple and pear demand into the 2030s.’

‘Millennials are pushing beyond 40 and into the family-development stage of the life cycle. And their eating habits must change as a consequence: more apple and pear, less… well, you can guess. And then there’s the immigrant and foreign student workforce flooding back into the workforce. Boomers are ageing and so too are Xers while Zoomers (aka Gen Z) are the new 20-somethings.’

‘Consumer behaviour is on the move. Less “eating out” more “eating in” and a return to hearth and home, to family and to foods that deliver value, comfort and flavour. Even the seasons seem to be kinder, gentler delivering a better product into a receptive market.’

Attendees of the APAL Industry Forum can expect to gain valuable insights from Bernard’s presentation, as he shares his thoughts on the trends shaping the future of business and society. His unique perspective on the intersection of demography, social change and business will be an enlightening addition to the Forum.

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