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Months after bushfires, Batlow auction off first apples of the season


The iconic apple growing region are auctioning off the first apples of the harvest – a carton of Royal Galas

Growers in Batlow this week harvested the first apples of the season, a remarkable effort following the recent bushfires in the region.

The devastating fires destroyed 20 homes, with preliminary reports also suggesting around $100 million in damages to orchards in the area.

With around 20 orchards in the area, Batlow produces 11 per cent of apples Australia-wide. Despite the setbacks, the township is getting up off the canvas to carry on with harvest.

The iconic apple growing area this week begun picking and packing new-season Royal Gala apples, with early signs indicating an exceptional quality of fruit.

The Batlow Fruit Company are auctioning off the first carton of the season, with proceeds from the auction to be donated to the ‘Re-Grow Batlow’ GoFundMe page. The GoFundMe is promising to donate money raised to rebuilding the Batlow community, in order of need.

APAL put a bid for the carton but have been usurped, with a mystery bidder currently leading the way on $1075.

“Batlow is one of the most iconic apple growing regions in Australia, and it’s great to see harvest taking place,” said APAL Chief Executive Officer Phil Turnbull.

“We know it’s a going to be a long and difficult road to recovery, but to see the growers of that region getting up and going again so quickly is a testament to their resilience.”

Click here to follow the auction, or to make a bid.

Click here for the ’Re-grow Batlow’ GoFundMe page.


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