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Horticultural Consultant, AgFirst, New Zealand

Labour-saving harvest techniques

With harvest in full swing, if not already completed in some regions and for some varieties, it’s timely to look at how orchardists can reduce their labour costs and look at some interesting machines from Europe that can help. A rise in orchard production costs around the world has had a major influence on the [...]

Multi-leader trees and mechanical pruning in Europe

By Ulf Kerer As part of APAL’s Future Orchards® program, Ulf Kerer shares a suite of the latest orchard management, tree structure and mechanisation technologies being developed and assessed in Italy for pome fruit growers. The graft is low to allow the development of fruiting spurs even in the lower part of these twin-stem [...]

By |February 25th, 2015|Machinery and mechanisation, Pruning and training|