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SA state report – Autumn 2019

Like many places across the country, South Australia has faced a very dry and hot January, with Adelaide recording its hottest day on record and also the hottest day of any capital city. This has delivered some very warm growing conditions in all production areas. At the time of writing, these conditions are forecast to [...]

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SA state report – Dec 2018/Jan 2019

Heartbreakingly, just as the spring was looking more hopeful for growers after last year’s devastating hailstorm, the hail storms of 21 November have left them facing another hard year of extra management to salvage crops, reduced yields and income. While the full impact of the storm will only become clear in coming weeks as fruit [...]

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SA state report – Oct/Nov 2018

The start of spring in South Australia is heralded with the Royal Adelaide Show, which is also our largest promotional activity for the year. Once again, a very big team effort has gone into putting together a spectacular showcase of our produce. We have a competitive fruit section, but with last year’s hailstorm, we were down [...]

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SA state report – Aug/Sep 2018

In the previous issue I commented on the long, warm and dry autumn period. Fortunately, since then we have gone into more of a winter pattern, with the cold weather arriving and very frosty mornings and cold days bringing on some good winter chill. Some promising opening rains greeted us in early June; however, we [...]

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South Australia state report – Jun/Jul 2018

With harvest nearly done at the time of writing, we have just been through what seems to have been an endless summer, with warmer than usual conditions and a very long, dry spell. The leaves are hanging onto the trees and the mild conditions look set to continue. The dry conditions have seen pressures from [...]

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South Australia state report – Apr/May 2018

With harvest now under way, growers are seeing the real impact of the hailstorms that struck last October. As was expected, earlier varieties seem to have been less affected than many of the later varieties, and we will see over the coming weeks the impacts on final packouts. We are working with Hort Innovation, with [...]

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South Australia wins planning exemption for orchard netting

South Australian growers will no longer be required to seek local council planning consent for orchard netting after the State Government agreed to grant an exemption from planning requirements. Apple & Pear Growers Association of SA (APGASA) put a submission into the Simplify Regulation Unit of the South Australian Government last year calling for horticultural [...]

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SA state report – Dec 2017/Jan 2018

After a difficult growing season last year, this year was shaping up to be a good season in SA, with strong blossom and good fruit set. However, nature once again threw a fairly big curve-ball our way, with a strong southerly cold system blowing through in the early hours of 30 October, bringing with it [...]

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SA state report – Oct/Nov 2017

Spring has started with another flurry of cold, wet weather in South Australia and now, with full water storages, growers are looking to some warmer and drier conditions with flowering just around the corner.  Competitors and winners of best apples and pears at the Royal Adelaide Show 2017. Our major focus has been on [...]

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SA state report – Aug/Sep 2017

As we pass through mid-winter and the shortest day of the year, once again the focus for South Australia is reflecting on weather conditions.  SA growers enjoy their end-of-season dinner. After we experienced one of the wettest years on record last year, this June was one of the driest starts to winter on [...]

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