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Qfly Area Wide Management Coordinator
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New website for Qfly management

Whether you know a little or a lot about Queensland Fruit Fly,  a new website launched by the SITplus consortium is the essential place to get started on managing horticulture's most economically damaging pest. Release of sterile Queensland Fruit Flies (Qfly) will commence later this year under the SITplus release program to combat recent outbreaks [...]

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Rolling out AWM beyond commercial orchards

Hort Innovation is looking to social research to guide higher adoption of area wide management (AWM), especially among community members in districts close to commercial horticultural production. Managing fruit fly in areas outside of commercial production - such as abandoned orchards and backyard fruit trees - needs a fair, positive and simple approach to [...]

By |December 21st, 2017|Hort Innovation, Pests, diseases and weeds|

Qfly over winter – management in temperate zones

Now that Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) is established in regions that were previously thought too cold for the insect, asking questions about winter survival mechanisms seems reasonable. To effectively answer these questions there is a need to revisit the biology of the fly to get to the bottom of it all and to understand if [...]

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SITplus update – finding solutions to fruit fly

In the latest update from the SITplus initiative, Dr Penny Measham introduces a new project to better understand Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) behaviour and outlines work to identify the most cost effective method to deploy sterile fruit flies. SITplus is a five-year $45 million R&D partnership that aims to deliver an integrated pest management solution to the [...]

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What’s stopping Area Wide Management and SIT adoption?

Interview results have identified the key barriers to the adoption of Area Wide Management and Sterile Insect Technology to manage Queensland fruit fly in horticultural crops. To assist with the long term control and eradication of the horticultural pest Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) we aimed to identify the barriers and facilitators to Area Wide Management and Sterile [...]

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