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Horticultural Consultant, Agfirst, New Zealand

Pedestrian orchards better for workers and growers

Australia is, if not already, very close to being the highest price orchard labour market in the world. Availability of labour seems acceptable at present but many growers are starting to find availability of skilled labour an increasing constraint to future business confidence.   Pickers will be more likely to want to work in [...]

Pruning for profit

With winter approaching, it's time to start thinking about winter pruning with AgFirst's Craig Hornblow explaining some key pruning concepts to help improve the profitability of your orchard.   Clear targets and simple, repeatable rules The old saying 'speculate to accumulate' has never been truer in these trying times. What do we mean by this? [...]

By |May 17th, 2017|Future Orchards, Pruning and training|

Improving harvest efficiencies with picking platforms

AgFirst explores where efficiency gains can be made by using picking platforms that can improve picker productivity and reduce picking costs per bin. By Craig Hornblow Harvest is approaching 50 per cent of the labour cost within an orchard and the benefits of reducing this are considerable. Picking platforms have the ability to both improve [...]