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APAL is an industry representative body and non-profit membership organisation that supports Australia’s commercial apple and pear growers.

A beacon for women in agriculture

For the past two and a half years, Susie Murphy White has been an Industry Project Manager for Pomewest, where she has established a reputation as the go-to technical expert among WA apple and pear growers. Susie Murphy White Her instrumental advisory role in the Future Orchards® program, unflappable enthusiasm, expertise and commitment [...]

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Positive test for Listeria – what next?

“Your apples have tested positive for Listeria” What happens when you answer the phone to find your fruit has tested presumptive positive for Listeria monocytogenes? A quality assurance consultant for an apple producer who took just such a call tells his story. How were you notified? Our wholesale market agent advised that fruit had tested [...]

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Tuvalu workers ready to pick your apples and pears

Workers from the tiny South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu are among those keen to take on harvest jobs in Australia under the Seasonal Workers Program (SWP). Tuvalu, a collection of low-lying atolls and coral reefs north of Fiji and Samoa, with a population of just over 11,000, has been hard hit by both climate [...]

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Expanded labour options, but some new laws too

A lot has changed on the labour front since last harvest. Rob Hayes, Victorian State Manager of the National Harvest Labour Information Service (NHLIS) provides an update on changes to labour law, labour-hire licensing and visa flexibility and a word of advice to growers to take care they know and comply with newly-introduced laws. The [...]

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Early Engagement Core to Market Access in China

With market access negotiations underway for Australian mainland apples and strong progress made towards the launch of Pink Lady® in China, Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL) are doubling down on their efforts to forge relationships in the region. “This is our third visit to mainland China in the last 12 months,” said Andrew Hooke, [...]

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Australian Fruitgrower – Dec 2018/Jan 2019

CEO Report The current lack of a tailored visa to deal with the unique challenges faced by horticulture is top of our advocacy priorities. Specifically, we are driving for a more portable, administratively-simple and low-cost visa, which allows smaller growers to access foreign workers, while also ensuring the proper safeguards to protect workers from any [...]

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Growing juice company squeezes more from premium market

Written by Andrew Spence. This article first appeared in The Lead South Australia. A juice company that began a decade ago with fruit, dreams and no customers has become a national premium beverage brand and is eyeing export markets. Siblings Joyce and Joseph Ceravolo in the Ashton Valley orchard. Picture: James Knowler. The recent success [...]

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NSW Hailstorm update

Coming just weeks after hailstorms swept the Adelaide Hills region, heavy midnight storm systems over Orange, NSW, dumped 20 millimeters of rain in just 14 minutes with far higher rainfall totals recorded over the December 13 - 14 period. Accompanied by hail and heavy winds, apple and cherry crops were heavily impacted. Those apple orchards [...]

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APAL appointment to enhance industry decision making

APAL is pleased to welcome Hui Dang to the team in the role of Data Scientist. Her main role will be to manage, collect, and analyse data across the full spectrum of the apple and pear industry, including the analysis of data sets and the identification of patterns and trends. She will also be involved [...]

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East-West Collaboration Tackles Costly Pest

Fruit flies cost Western Australia’s horticulture industry $10.2 million per annum in lost production and control measures so it’s little wonder scientists, growers and government are investing heavily to tackle the pest once and for all. Recently invited to view WA’s Sterile Insect Technology (SIT) facilities in Perth and Carnarvon, Victorian Goulburn Murray Valley Regional [...]

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