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APAL is an industry representative body and not-for-profit membership organisation that supports Australia’s commercial apple and pear growers.

No AgTech without Connectivity

Dr Hugo Britt explores a KPMG report and its implications for AgTech in Part one of a two-part series. Read part 2 here. The agricultural world is abuzz with talk of Agri 4.0: the opportunity to supercharge agricultural productivity through digitisation with the potential to grow Australian agriculture into a $100 billion industry by 2030. [...]

Australian Chloe Dann takes Pink Lady photography award

When the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year Awards were announced last month, Australian Chloe Dann found herself the winner of the Student Photographer of the Year award with image "The Carnal Supper", pictured below. View the rest of the winners here. "The Carnal Supper" by Chloe Dann To celebrate her win, [...]

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Chance of trip of a lifetime sees Pink Lady sales soar

The lure of a trip down under has helped more than double sales of Australian Pink Lady® apple packs in UK retailer M&S in a successful levy-funded marketing promotion run by Montague. Purchasers of the Australian Pink Lady packs were offered the chance to win a week for two in ‘the original home of Pink [...]

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Strategic Marketing Panel enters recruitment phase

Transformation of the apple and pear industry’s long-term marketing strategy has entered a critical new phase with recruitment commencing for a Strategic Marketing Panel (SMP). With the backing of growers’, APAL has been working with Hort Innovation since late last year on the best approach for delivering an impactful long-term marketing strategy and annual plan [...]

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New Kalei campaign set to sparkle

APAL are investing in retail activities to support the season launch of Kalei® - one of the emerging ‘managed brands’ to hit retailers’ shelves this season. The activity takes place  in 50 high consumer traffic Coles stores across South East Queensland where Rizzato and Sons, and Nicoletti Orchards are focussing this season’s Kalei® program. The [...]

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Canopy drives water use

Gordon Brown reviews South African research on water use in Cripps Pink and Golden Delicious highlighting the importance of understanding water use when planning orchard systems. The Western Cape region of South Africa experiences Mediterranean climatic conditions where most of the rain falls during winter. Like many apple growing-regions in Australia this region experiences severe [...]

Effects of crop load on apple fruit maturity

Fruit maturity at harvest plays a key role in quality. Dario Stefanelli, of Agriculture Victoria, outlines the results of trials into the effect of crop load on fruit maturity which form part of an international collaborative project to better understand biennial bearing. Apples are among the most important commercial fruit crops grown worldwide. Meeting market [...]

Introducing Future Business

APAL’s newest program Future Business will be launching during the APAL sessions at Hort Connections, Monday, 24 June. Future Business is a new initiative from APAL, which aims to help business owners with non-growing business-related activities to add value and drive profit across the industry. The program will complement Future Orchards® and together they will [...]

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Procurement for beginners

Drowning in a sea of supplier contracts, rising costs and process inefficiencies? Dr Hugo Britt outlines seven reasons why it might be time to hire a procurement professional. Suppliers can help drive innovation. Procurement professionals find, agree terms and acquire goods or services from an external source for organisations. Twenty years ago, the [...]

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Woolworths back supply chain revolution

Woolworths is launching a bold plan to stop food waste and reshape the supply chain with the use of technology. Partnering with independent start-up Escavox, the primary goal is to extend the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables in all retail outlets by tracking and monitoring the produce from the farm gate to the supermarket. [...]