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Harvest timing key to consistent quality

The allure of first-to-market premiums can be very compelling at harvest, but Angus Crawford explains picking too early leads to poor-tasting fruit that can turn consumers away long term. Tools exist to help make sure fruit is mature at harvest and consumers get the best eating experience. Apple sampling sessions at last year's Future [...]

Whole-of-chain ‘buy in’ key to brand quality

Growers attending the southern loop Future Orchards® walks heard from Rick Derrey, Director of Horticulture and Grower Relations at T&G Global Limited,Washington State, USA, on how growers are working collaboratively across the supply chain to deliver consistent quality. The recent Apple and Pear Crop Estimate  provides further evidence of the rapid growth in managed varieties in [...]

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Autumn orchard walks update: dates, times, and speakers

The next round of Future Orchards® orchard walks in March and April 2019 will look at achieving optimum quality more consistently using examples from some of the most advanced orchard systems worldwide. Recent rounds have focused on quality and covered the changing orchard production aspects right through to the needs of the consumer. The Autumn [...]

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Balanced trees and timing to optimise quality

The 2018 APAL Future Orchards program focus on growing for quality and delivering consumers a great eating experience every time they eat an apple or pear has been one of the best-received and most successful to date. Growing for high quality produce and delivering our consumers a great eating experience every time they eat an [...]

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Southern Victoria orchard tour

Following the 2019 Post-harvest seminar, APAL is hosting a one-day tour of the Southern Victoria apple growing region, Gippsland on Thursday, 17 January 2019. Participants will travel on a bus guided by APAL Technical Manager Angus Crawford and Horticultural Adviser Marcel Veens visiting state-of-the-art packing facilities, owners and managers of some of the most progressive apple [...]

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New agri-tech project aims to help with thinning

While still in its very early stages, a new project aims to develop a system to measure tree canopy and flower density to help growers choose an optimal chemical thinning regime for apple flowers. A new levy-funded project will look at using agricultural robots to measure tree canopy and flower density and deliver a more [...]

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Speed updating gives growers a fast serve of current R&D

In June, as part of Hort Connections 2018, APAL ran its annual Speed Updating event where industry researchers shared key information for growers about their findings. Funded by Hort Innovation as part of the Australian Apple and Pear Innovation and Adoption Program, this year’s Speed Updating was attended by more than 130 people. PIPS The [...]

New project to deliver Agri-tech solutions

A new levy-funded project will look at using agricultural robots to measure tree canopy and flower density and deliver a more precise, variable spraying solution for apple flower thinning. Led by Queensland-based SwarmFarm Robotics, the Developing Agri-Tech solutions for the Australian apple industry project is tasked with developing a new system to measure tree canopy [...]

Future Orchards walks – Spring 2018

Managing crop load for better fruit quality will be the focus of the Spring 2018 round of Future Orchards® walks to be held in the last two weeks of September. Download the 2018 Spring Future Orchards walk flyer. These walks will continue the focus on production quality begun in June where speakers looked [...]

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Emergency Plant Pest Response levy update

The Emergency Plant Pest Response (EPPR) levy is in place to enable the funding of the apple and pear industry’s contribution to the cost of eradicating pests and diseases under the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed (EPPRD).  This article aims to provide an update and overview of what specifically the EPPR levy now funds. The [...]

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