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Tree knowledge key to meeting climate challenge

Professor Stephanie Midgley presented on the Northern loop of the Future Orchards walks held in June 2019. Key points Understand key risk periods in growth cycle Know which intervention gives best tree/profit outcome Manage water more effectively Forward-planning for increased variability and climate change Understanding of the vulnerability and natural responses of trees [...]

Water shortage a unifying issue

From left: Stuart Burgess (Tas), Susie Green (SA), Robert Hardie (NSW), Mitchell McNab (Vic), and Nardia Stacy (WA). Supporting growers to manage orchards in the face of looming water shortages was top of the agenda when apple and pear industry leaders met in Melbourne this week. State Association representatives from across the country [...]

Industry excellence celebrated at APAL Awards 2019

The apple and pear industry celebrated the exceptional contribution made by industry leaders, growers, marketers, exporters and researchers with the presentation on Monday of its annual Awards for Excellence 2019. Former APAL managing director and long-time Pink Lady champion Jon Durham, and West Australian orchardist Harvey Giblett, were awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards for their outstanding [...]

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Gender diversity and best practice lead at Ladycroft

Bec Whittaker When it comes to developing a horticulture team at Ladycroft Orchard in the Manjimup region of Western Australia, Bec Whittaker is clear – females, together with males, must be trained and encouraged throughout the farming enterprise! As the orchard manager Bec has been strategic in developing a balanced team of young [...]

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Trees take off on pre-planting treatment

A decision to treat his soil with chloropicrin prior to replanting to prevent apple replant disease (ARD) is amply rewarding Kirup grower Rob Tassone with vigorous, healthy trees off to a flying start. Young trees planted into soil treated with chloropicrin are well over Rob Tassone’s head six months after planting. ARD can [...]

Male-only gender bias to ramp up Qfly fight

A new $4.7m levy-funded fruit fly project aims to harness genetic selection to ramp up the fight against Queensland fruit fly by ensuring all sterile fruit flies released into the environment are male. Led by Macquarie University and funded by Hort Innovation under the Hort Frontiers Fruit Fly Fund, a team of national scientists and [...]

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Managing Climate Risk

The politicians may still be arguing about climate change, but growers are facing the impacts of increasingly erratic climate daily. At the latest round of Future Orchards® walks, AgFirst consultant Steve Spark shared some practical ideas on how to plan for and mitigate the risks associated with climate change. Managing climate risks are probably one [...]

Juice gives fresh control at Huon Valley

Fourth generation Huon Valley apple and pear grower Mark Duggan knew things had to change when his return for a year’s hard work didn’t even cover costs. “We had a year where we just got nothing,” he said. “We knew we had to do something. We had to look outside the square. Cider was taking [...]

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No room for complacency on food safety

Improving food safety practices and better understanding the risks of Listeria are vital if the fresh produce industry is to prevent future fatalities and avoid costly product recalls or marketing halts. The 2018 Fresh Produce Safety Conference Food Safety – It’s Your Responsibility in October highlighted the prevalence of Listeria in the environment, the lack [...]

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Simplifying quality at Nightingales

Simplicity is not the first word that springs to mind when considering the complexity of running five orchards across two states, a large packhouse and a fledgling cider operation. But at Nightingale Brothers, based in Victoria’s north east, continually striving for a way of delivering better quality more efficiently and smoothly is a goal that [...]