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Australian Pears 2019-20 marketing activity summary


This article was written for the spring edition of Australian Fruitgrower magazine. 

Marketing activity is managed by Hort Innovation on behalf of the industry and is funded by the Apple and Pear marketing levy. In this update, the 2019-20 Australian Pears domestic marketing campaign has now drawn to a close with a final burst of social media activity and an influencer partnership, while the new “Good Mood Food” campaign delivers fantastic results so far.

Australian Pears Social Media Activity:

The 2019-20 Australian Pears domestic marketing campaign has now concluded, wrapping up with social media activity. The social strategy for pears leveraged the Australian Pears Facebook and Instagram pages to keep pears top of mind and remind consumers of the benefits of pears through compelling content. Targeting 3 key audiences (‘health pursuers’ and ‘seasonal fruit hunters’ aged 45+ on Facebook, as well as ‘sweet tooth foodies’ aged 25-44 on Instagram) the social media campaign aligned to the strategic pillars of education (how to pick, ripen and store pears), versatility (demonstrated through recipes and tips and tricks), nutrition/health benefits, and varieties (increasing awareness of different varieties including educating content on seasonality and different flavour profiles).

The final 4 weeks of the social campaign included an influencer partnership with food and nutrition author and magazine columnist, Louise Keats (Instagram followers: 35K, Facebook followers: 47K), to drive advocacy for Australian pears.


Louise created 3 key recipes featuring Australian Pears which were shared to both her own social channels and the Australian Pears Facebook and Instagram pages.

Louise also hosted an “Australian Pears Instagram take-over” where for one day she took over the ‘stories’ feature on the Australian Pears Instagram page to share educational messages about pears and answer any pear Q&A’s from consumers. These stories can be viewed at the link here.

During this take-over, Louise shared a total of 27 stories on the Australian pears Instagram account, which were seen over 2,200 times.

The Good Mood Food:

The Good Mood Food campaign has now been live across television, digital (Youtube, catch-up television), Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) Audio (Spotify), Outdoor advertising, and PR for 2 months and has generated fantastic results so far. Aussie Apples and Australian Pears have featured prominently across all elements of the campaign, including with a 15 second Aussie Apple version of the television commercial (which can be viewed here), and with creative featured on social media and in outdoor media. In total, the campaign has reached over 12.7 million Australians, driven a further 11.4K people to the website ( and has delivered $8.35 million in value. A breakdown of results so far by channel is as follows:


TV is an important channel to reach mass audiences and drive mass top of mind awareness and with Australians going into lockdown due to the impact of COVID-19, Television has seen an increase in audience viewership, particularly from March through to May. Leveraging this, the Good Mood Food TV commercial went live across 5 key metro markets (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth), as well as 4 key regional markets (Northern NSW, Southern NSW, Regional Queensland and Regional Victoria) at the end of May and will run until the end of August. During this time, the campaign has targeted key time programs that have delivered strong audiences including: House Rules, Masterchef and Big Brother. So far, the TV commercial has entered over 12.37 million Australian households an average of 4.9 times.


Supporting the television buy, the Good Mood Food is running digital activity from May to end of July. The strategy consists of the Good Mood Food standard 15 second video ad across catch-up television and Spotify and 6 second bumpers ads across YouTube, targeting those consumers who are spending more time online particularly due to the on-going impact of COVID-19.  So far, on Youtube the campaign has reached over 1.6 million people at least 1 time, catch up television has reached over 414K people at least 1.5 times, while Spotify has reached over 788K people at least 1.5 times.


Social media activity is a cost-efficient way to reach the mass consumers (an opportunity previously only available via ‘above the line’ media such as television and newspapers), and as consumers spend more time at home, they have had more time to consume social media content as it acts as a source of information during the lockdown period and provides a way for people to remain connected. The Good Mood Food social campaign leverages both Facebook and Instagram to help remind shoppers and consumers of key campaign messages through compelling content. So far the Good Mood Food social campaign has reached over 3.24 million Australians. Additionally, the Aussie Apples creative shared across the Good Mood Food social pages has reached over 306K people and consumers categorised as “cooking enthusiasts” are responding best to the social activity, confirming that people are looking for recipe inspiration while being at home more often.


With the easing of restrictions in most states, the Good Mood Food has targeted consumers as they are on the go via a total of 2,311 digital screens across retail (targeting main grocery buyers digital in and around shopping centres) and gyms (targeting health focussed consumers). So far, the campaign has delivered over 42.9 million impressions (impressions being the number of times the ad has been displayed).

PR (Print):

The Good Mood Food has partnered with Newscorp to leverage key platforms such as Body and Soul and Delicious magazines to share articles and ads promoting the campaign and key campaign messages. So far messages in Delicious magazine have reached over 135K people at least 2 times, while Body and Soul have reached over 41K people at least 1.2 times.

The Good Mood Food campaign activity will continue to run until the end of September with a view to extend beyond, while planning for the Aussie Apples and Australian Pears FY 2020-21 marketing campaign is underway, post the Strategic Marketing Panel (SMP) meeting held on the 23rd and 24th June. Further details will be shared over the coming months. If any further questions on the information shared, please reach out to Hort Innovation’s Temperate Fruits Marketing Manager Anna Tu at

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