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Australian Government decision on US apple imports expected shortly


The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) is soon set to release its Final Report for the review of biosecurity import requirements for fresh apple fruit from the Pacific Northwest states of the United States.

The report is expected to detail the Australian Government’s position on whether it will allow the import of US apples and, if so, the systems and measures that will be applied to protect Australia’s borders from pests and diseases.

Protecting the interests of Australian apple and pear growers is APAL’s top priority. Given the significant biosecurity risks to Australian orchards, APAL does not support the importation of US apples.

APAL has worked in consultation with DAFF and has highlighted the industry’s concerns around the critical risks to Australia’s biosecurity. However, APAL expects that the Australian Government will allow the import of apples from the Pacific Northwest states of the United States.

If the government allows the import of US apples, the implementation of effective biosecurity measures is non-negotiable, and the measures need to well exceed the current New Zealand standards, given the additional risks. APAL will continue to engage with the government to emphasise the biosecurity risk to the industry.

Further updates to come.


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