Australian Fruitgrower – December 2014 / January 2015

As the year draws to a close we bid farewell to John Lawrenson and welcome APAL’s new Chair Michele Allan. This issue informs us about ‘refreshing’ the Aussie Apples campaign in 2015; why it’s important to use chemicals approved by the APVMA; the choices of cool room refrigerant for temperate fruit businesses; and Jesse Reader shares a long list of orchard chores for the Christmas season. 

Australian Fruitgrower December 2014 / January 2015 edition – download the full pdf (8MB)

Australian Fruitgrower December 2014 / January 2015 edition – download the full pdf (8MB)

We are very happy to welcome Dr Michele Alan as the new incoming Chair of the APAL Board and sadly farewell John Lawrenson who has been a committed contributor to Australian Fruitgrower. Thanks John.

This issue we have a short, pointed article from APVMA warning the industry about the manufacture, supply and use of fake and illegal chemicals. A good reminder to stay vigilant about only purchasing and using registered chemicals for your own health and of course to help our industry maintain its impeccable clean, green and safe standards.

If you’re still using HCFCs as refrigerants for your cool rooms then take a look at Annie Farrow’s great article on the choices of refrigerants available. A timely reminder because HCFCs will be phased out by 2016. And Jesse Reader is back, this time in his role with AgFirst, to give you a long list of orchard chores for the Christmas season! But don’t worry – he makes it all sound quite do-able.

We also meet Hamish Montague in our grower profile, get a glimpse of how the Aussie Apples marketing campaign is developing and look at the export situation in Thailand and China.

Merry Chirstmas everyone and we’ll be back again for the February 2015 issue. In the meantime, please follow us on twitter @applesnpearsAU for daily news and updates about our industry.

Sophie Clayton

Communications and PR Manager


Hamsh Montague

‘From trees to sea’ – the journey of an industry achiever

Hamish Montague is one of the current working generation of the Montague family very well known in the Australian fruit-growing industry for generations.

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Industry Statistics

long term trend prices

Wholesale apple price trends

By analysing the Melbourne wholesale prices of apples, Charley Xia explores how understanding historic price data could help growers improve returns.

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Orchard management

Throw over nets

A critical time for orchard management

To help growers in this busy time of year, AgFirst’s Jesse Reader gives a run-down on some orchard management activities to help optimise productivity.

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APVMA - Inspectors

Stop illegal chemical use

The APVMA is urging growers to only use registered chemicals and report the manufacture, supply and use of illegal and fake products.

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Pack shed management

Cool room

The ‘best’ cool room refrigerant

Growers using HCFCs, like R22, as a cool room refrigerant need to be aware they will be phased out by 2016 – consider an alternative and make the switch now.

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Aussie Apples sticker

New Aussie Apples campaign

Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd is preparing a new marketing campaign for Aussie Apples for 2015, promoting apples as a ‘refreshing’ snack food.

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AFG Thai buyers inspect test field at Tatura

Thai buyers visit Australia

A group of fresh produce buyers from Thailand recently visited Victoria to source cherries, pome fruit and stonefruit.

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Getting mainland apples into China

Australia’s new Agriculture Counsellor – Technical, in China, Adam Balcerak, is committed to getting Australia’s mainland apples access to China.

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State roundup

 states 130

State Roundup – December 2014 / January 2015

Dry conditions are a concern for many growers across the country, and NSW growers take a trip to Canberra with APAL staff.

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R&D forum

Pome fruit R&D forum

Apple and pear growers met with scientists at the ‘regional stone and pome fruit R&D forum’ recently to hear the latest research and development in the industry.

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Granny Smith festival apple

Granny Smith apple festival

Before Pink Lady™ apples, Australia already had its very own apple – the ‘Granny Smith’ – which is celebrated every year in its ‘home’ in NSW.

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Market app trial

Market trial aims to improve record keeping

Currently on trial at Melbourne’s Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market is a mobile technology that could replace paper-based plant health certificates.

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APAL appoints new Chair

Dr Michele Allan has been appointed as the new Chair of APAL, effective 1 January 2015. She will replace John Lawrenson who is retiring from the position.

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Apples on tree

China-Australia FTA

The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will see the tariff on Australian apples decrease from 10 per cent to zero over four years.

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Taiwanese delegation

Taiwanese delegation visits Australia

Taiwan’s Institute of Economic Research (TIER) and Council of Agriculture visited Australia in October to gain a better understanding of Australia’s fruit industries.

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MP Meetings

Growers head to Parliament House

Representatives of Australia’s apple and pear industry including APAL and growers visited Canberra in October to update Senators and MPs on key industry issues.

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