Australian Fruitgrower – April / May 2016

In the April/May issue of Australian Fruitgrower we visit Plunkett Orchards; feature the 2016 National Horticulture Convention events; look at post-harvest management; learn about APAL’s Pink LadyTM business; and more!


We’re rolling out the first apple and pear events at the 2016 National Horticulture Convention (HortConv2016) in this edition with more to come. This year will feature more social events exclusively for apple and pear industry delegates, a day of Industry Updating, a Pome Zone in the Trade Show area where you can meet industry guests, a panel session for orchardists and international pome experts Tienie du Preez and Nicola Dallabetta from South Africa and Italy respectively. Plus there are discounts for APAL members and an early bird discount is available up until 25 April – so get in early to register.

This issue nutrition is high on the agenda with AgFirst’s Dean Rainham sharing a timely piece on post-harvest nutrition and the Victorian government’s Ian Goodwin updating us on research on nitrogen for red-blushed pears.

APAL’s Garry Langford shares the history of the Pink LadyTM brand development in Australia and globally under the management of APAL. This will be the first in a series of articles providing more information on APAL’s brand management work.

Our profile piece is on Jason Shields, Orchard Manager at Plunkett Orchards in Victoria, who is using two platforms for picking, pruning and orchard maintenance. Seeing them operating was a real highlight and I encourage you to head on over to APAL’s YouTube channel to check out the video interview with Jason where you can see the machine operating.

Your suggestions on future articles and topics for Australian Fruitgrower to cover are always welcome so please contact me anytime to drop me an idea!

Sophie Clayton
Communications and PR Manager

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APAL CEO’s report

John Dollisson

New ‘Bravo’ apple to target export markets

APAL CEO John Dollisson recently spent two days reviewing the new ‘Bravo’ apple from DAFWA, developed to target export markets.

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Jason Shields in apple orchard

Picking platforms with Jason Shields

With two picking platforms in operation and another two on order, Plunkett Orchards are reaping the benefits of mechanisation on their orchards.

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Special feature

 APFIP Logo 130x130

APFIP lifts orchard performance

For nearly 20 years the Australian Pome Fruit Improvement Program (APFIP) has been working to increase productivity across the apple and pear industry by getting better quality varieties to growers faster.

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Orchard management

Zinc deficiency

Post-harvest nutrient management

As we head toward the end of harvest, it’s time to think about your post-harvest fertiliser plan to boost your trees’ nutrition reserves.

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Red strain Cripps Pink

Year-round quality management

AgFirst’s John Wilton explains how growing high quality fruit needs a whole-of-year focus because the production year begins immediately after harvest and finishes with a successful harvest next year.

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14 PL at 2016 Berlin Fruit Logistica Pink Lady-cropped

APAL’s Pink LadyTM business

One of the core areas of APAL’s business operations is the management of the global Pink Lady™ brand.

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Professional development

Fiona Hall

Nuffield scholar report

Nuffield Scholar and NSW apple grower Fiona Hall went on an exhilarating international study tour with plenty of ideas to share and a key message.

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Repacking soil

Nitrogen for red blushed pears

Research has commenced at the Horticulture Centre of Excellence on nitrogen management in red-blushed pears.

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 30 fruit fly

Qfly Area Wide Management

To help control one of horticulture’s biggest pests, Qfly, a horticulture-wide research program is underway to advance sterile insect technology.

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2016 National Horticulture Convention

The 2016 National Horticulture Convention will be held at the RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast, 23-25 June.

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State roundup

states 130

State Roundup – April / May 2016

Representatives from APAL’s State Association partners and other state partners in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, have provided information for our April/May 2016 State Roundup.

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Money tree

Grants for energy audits

Two opportunities to get financial help to undertake an energy audit on your orchard and /or packing shed are available to apple- and pear-growing businesses in NSW and Vic.

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anabp01 14

New WA apple – Bravo field day

Details on the brand and marketing plans of BravoTM the WA-bred ANABP 01 apple will be provided to existing and prospective growers at a variety field day this April.

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Ccax3t7WIAAsKv_photo from Twitter TradeVictoria-icon

Thai importers visit Victorian growers

In February, a delegation of horticultural importers from Thailand visited Victorian pear growers to look at this year’s crop and discuss opportunities to supply the Thai market.

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APFIP Logo 130x130

APFIP weather data

The Australian Pome Fruit Improvement Program collects monthly weather data from six stations around Australia which is reported on the APAL website.

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International research update

Climate change apple

International apple and pear research update

A collection of research snippets from published scientific papers collated in the CAB direct database to provide an international overview of what’s happening in the industry.

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