Australian Fruitgrower – April 2014

This issue covers chemical-free storage, strategic planning for profitability, cider events, an organic apple grower and Malaysia as an importer. 

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Australian Fruitgrower April 2014 edition – download the full pdf (8MB).

Especially when compared with the past, when all growers worried about was the trees, the business of fruit growing today is far more diverse – from climate and season, through the orchard to politics and beyond to world markets. This issue of Australian Fruitgrower reflects that. If you wondered if 2013 was really a low chill or no chill year then the answer is here. Tasmanian grower Andrew Smith has diversified into cider – a fast growing industry already with its own festival and conference; that’s all in this issue too. How does our R&D function? Well, another article explains the various roles of our PIPS researchers. Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere, which offers a chemical-free approach to fruit storage, is also explained this month. AgFirst’s Kevin Manning then describes how strategic planning directly affects profitability. How are we marketing apples and pears this year? Read about the HAL 2014 pear marketing program and the very real potential for apple exports to South East Asia – especially Malaysia. And to top things off, the Minister for Agriculture recently visited our APAL industry HQ recently, so we are (finally) getting messages through to the top of government.  All in all – a big month! John Fitzsimmons  Editor, Australian Fruitgrower magazine

Fruit production management

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Strategic planning raises orchard profitability

Strategic planning has enabled two Focus Orchards in Tasmania and WA within the Future Orchards® program, to make great strides in lifting the income potential of their properties. Read more…

Research and development

Winter orchard 130

Was 2013 a low winter chill year?

Light flowering and reduced yields observed by growers in the 2013/14 season were not the result of insufficient accumulation of ‘winter chill’. Read more…

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Meet the PIPS project leaders

The leaders of the Productivity, Irrigation, Pests and Soils (PIPS) program are the team heavyweights, who, along with some impressive accolades, still like to get out and get their hands wet, dirty, or out on a limb. Read more…

Fresh fruit - 130

Chemical-free fruit storage with DCA

Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DCA) storage, which combines low oxygen with careful monitoring of fruit stress, offers an effective way to keep apples and pears in good condition for longer without the need for chemical products. Read more…

Meet a grower

Andrew Smith with cider 130

Brewing up business – Andrew Smith

Organic apple grower cum cider brewer Andrew Smith has demonstrated how a capacity to change and take advantage of opportunities is the lifeblood of a thriving apple business. Read more…

Markets and marketing

Maggie 130

Australian Pears 2014 marketing update

The Australian Pears marketing campaign is well underway for 2014, HAL’s Luke Westley provides an update on activities. Read more…

Kalei 130

Marketing plans for Kalei apple

With Kalei apple production increasing on the back of new plantings in 2013 and this coming year, APAL has announced its plans to market this new variety. Read more…

Importers 130

Asian fruit importers visit Tasmania

Increasing interest from overseas buyers has seen fruit importers from the Philippines, China and Vietnam all visit Tasmania with APAL recently with a view to purchasing apples. Read more…

PLady 130

Apple and pear trade in 2013 and 2014

APAL’s Market Development Manager Claire Fitchett examines Australia’s 2013 apple and pear export and import trade data and plans towards improved export opportunities in 2014. Read more…

Malaysia display 130

Market insights into Malaysia

Malaysia is in the top ten export destinations for Australian products and there are opportunities to increase apple exports there, but a regular supply and quality product will be needed. Read more…

Special features

Apple Shed 130

Apple Shed Museum and Cider House

Late last year, the Apple Shed Museum and Cider House opened to celebrate Tasmania’s apple-growing heritage. Read more…

Labour 130

Get help with horticultural labour

Labour Solutions Australia Recruitment explains how they can help fruit growers recruit staff and manage their human resources better with a bit of professional help. Read more…

State roundup

states 130

State Roundup – April 2014

WA investigates a biosecurity fund, NSW gets relief from heat with some rain, SA gets a new Horticulture Coalition and Queensland celebrates with an apple harvest festival. Read more…

News and events

Minister 130

Ag Minister visits APAL office

Federal Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce visited the APAL office for an industry update on Thursday 13 March 2014. Read more…

Fruit rights 130

Fruit rights group to protect varieties

Fruit Rights Australia has formed to educate fruit growers about proprietary fruit varieties and the obligations associated with grower and non-propagation agreements for such varieties. Read more…

APAL 130

Calling for APAL Board nominations

In conjunction with Fruit Growers Victoria and the NSW Farmers Association, APAL is seeking nominations for Directors of the APAL Board to represent Victoria and NSW. Read more…

HAL 130

HAL has room to improve and cut costs

To help mould the future of Horticulture Australia Ltd (HAL) and the investment of apple and pear grower levies, APAL has submitted a response to the review of HAL. Read more…

Productivity 130

Pome fruit industry productivity report

APAL has published a report analysing the productivity and economic performance of the Australian apple and pear industry. Read more…


Cider display 130

Cider tastings and labeling

In Canberra last month, Cider Australia held its AGM alongside some cider-tasting events. They also explain why cider labeling is important. Read more…

ciderfest 130

CiderFest and Cider Industry Conference

CiderFest is a unique combination of Industry Conference and Community Festival held in May this year in the picturesque apple growing town of Batlow, NSW. Read more…


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