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In response to a specific request from key stakeholders in the apple and pear industry, APAL has compiled a list of all available and emerging apple and pear varieties in Australia.

Author: Angus Crawford Technical Manager, APAL 03 9329 3511

Angus Crawford
Technical Manager, APAL
03 9329 3511

Over many years the variety makeup of Australia’s apple and pear industry has been continuing along one steady pathway with the main varieties being ‘Cripps Pink’, ‘Gala’, ‘Granny Smith’ and ‘Fuji’. These varieties very much represent the varietal mix still available today.

However, there are many new varieties that are in the pipeline that could offer new choices for customers and better returns for the grower. New varieties are emerging around the world each year, but the most notable new apple of recent times in Australia is Jazz™. The introduction of Jazz, which is now well established in the market, demonstrates how a new variety can be introduced successfully.

With new varieties becoming available, it can be difficult for growers to choose between them. And there may be significant information gaps to base a decision on.

In APAL’s Apple and Pear Variety Registry we list 33 apple and six pear varieties either currently being planted around Australia or still in a pre-commercialisation phase. The aim of the Registry is to provide an independent overview of the varieties to help apple and pear growers become fully aware of the depth of what is on offer. The Registry enables readers to see the basic information on each variety such as appearance, origin, harvest date, crosses as well as the current marketing arrangements in place.

The Registry is a work-in-progress and we look forward to more information from growers, breeders and developers about other varieties that we can include here.

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