Apple and pear marketing update – Aug/Sep 2017

Results start flowing in from the industry’s levy-funded marketing activities managed by Hort Innovation and show some great outcomes across Aussie Apples’ favourability and social media performance, and Australian Pears’ digital and mobile advertising.

Aussie Apples

Consumer response to apple campaign

To help track consumer responses to marketing efforts, Edentify has been running fruit tracking research for Hort Innovation since 2013, with a focus on apples and pears since 2015.

Edentify is a market research agency that gathers and interprets consumer data to help businesses understand their consumer base better and the performance of their marketing.

The key objectives of this tracking research are to:

  • Measure overall attitudes towards apples and pears by tracking awareness, perception statements and the health benefits that influence consumer behaviour.
  • Track advertising awareness (prompted and unprompted) and its impact on purchase behaviour.
  • Establish purchase drivers and identify purchase barriers to help guide future marketing and communication initiatives.

The latest survey results from Edentify that report cover attitudes after the latest Aussie Apples TV commercial performance show an encouraging change in consumer attitude towards apples being among their top five favourite snacks. Of the people surveyed, 42 percent considered apples as being in their top five snacks, which is up from 36 per cent from March 2017.

This increase aligns with the Aussie Apples promotional campaign activities that have been occurring since March 2017. Apples are expected to keep rising in popularity as a preferred snack as the campaign progresses.

With the advent of the most recent Aussie Apples TV commercial and apples campaign, people’s capacity to recall Aussie Apples advertising (after prompting) rose from 5 per cent before the campaign started to 12 per cent after six weeks of the campaign. Ad recall is a used as an indicator of the ad’s success in reaching and connecting with consumers. The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to measure success of the campaign was a 12 per cent ad recall for the whole year – this has now already been achieved.

12-Edentify-graph-1 12-Edentify-graph-2

Cinema advertising results

As reported in the Apple and pear marketing update – Jun/Jul 2017, cinema advertising has been used to promote the Get Your Crunch On campaign for Aussies Apples. The results of the six-week campaign that ended in mid-May are now in and show that the advertising performed well in reaching the target audience of the main grocery buyer in households.

The predicted reach of the advertising was 2,231,245 grocery buyers but the results show that the actual reach was higher than this at 2,399,508.

Potential audience reach in cinemas is estimated based on historical ticket transaction data during the allotted in-market period of a brand’s media activity as well as forecasts based on the frequency of cinema attendance of loyalty program holders during that period. With this in mind, the actual sales and loyalty redemption numbers are then calculated post-campaign to provide concrete numbers in terms of the delivered audience reach during that campaign period.

Social media review

In the period between 1 May 2016 and 30 April 2017, over 1.3 million people were reached with Aussie Apples campaign messaging on Facebook. The campaign resulted in posts being displayed in people’s Facebook feeds 4.3 million times, an indicator of how many times people saw an item related to the Aussie Apples campaign on Facebook. This resulted in 629,000 post engagements when people ‘like’ or comment on a post, with an average engagement rate of 14.4 per cent. Engagement shows how interested people are in the content. This engagement rate exceeds the benchmark engagement rate of 3 per cent.

Video posts performed well for Aussies Apples on Facebook, as is usually the case on Facebook. Aussie Apples Facebook videos showed delicious ways to use apples, different apple varieties and included a few fun videos featuring apples. The campaign aims to feature more video content to build on the successes achieved so far.

Australian Pears

Digital and mobile campaign results

As reported in the last  Apple and pear marketing update – Jun/Jul 2017, the campaign to promote Australian Pears included out-of-home advertising in gyms and nearby areas. It also targeted people who were on their mobile phones while at the gym – using their phone’s location to deliver pear messaging via high-impact website ads.

The gym advertising has now concluded and, over the six-week campaign period, more than seven million Australian Pears ad impressions were achieved.

The simultaneous mobile phone advertising has also concluded delivering a total of 1.85 million impressions in total. Top sites where Australian Pear video content appeared was the Daily Mail, Elle, TechRadar, Lost at Eminor, !Hit Network and Cosmopolitan. The ‘viewability’ of the content was ranked at 67 per cent, above the industry benchmark of 40 per cent. And the click through rate, indicating the number of people interested enough in the content to click through to read more, was also above the industry benchmark or 0.3 per cent, reaching 0.44 per cent.


These industry marketing initiatives are managed by Hort Innovation and are funded by the apple and pear marketing levy. This content has been prepared by the Hort Innovation apple and per team, with growers welcome to contact Relationship Manager Mark Spees (, 0439 574 173) with any questions relating to the program or levy-funded R&D).


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