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APAL’s Future Orchards Spring program kicks off


The first round of APAL’s Future Orchards® walks will begin on Tuesday 31 August 2021 an Orchard Walk in WA, followed by a national online orchard talk along with local walks for Queensland and Tasmanian growers. 

APAL Technical Manager Rose Daniel said that over coming weeks APAL will confirm local orchard walks in the growing regions where and as covid restrictions allow. 

“Our network of local Front Line Advisers (FLAs) is developing and sourcing some great local topics and talent to share with growers,” Rose said. 

WA Orchard Walk

Perth Hills orchardist Michael Della Pollina will host the WA Orchard Walk on Tuesday 31 August. Dr Andrew Taylor, Plant Pathologist at DPIRD will be onsite to discuss apple scab and fungicide resistance in WA orchards.  

With limited labour available for the 2022 harvest, we are also keen to help local growers tap into overseas experience with harvest management tools such as Harvista. 

The WA orchard walk will feature the presentation by Craig Kahlke of Cornell University (Cornell Cooperative Extension) that provides an update on his recent research on the use of Harvista™ and ReTain® in US orchards and references colleague Chris Watkins’ work on the implications for storage performance and quality. 

“Craig’s presentation was to be a highlight of our postponed Forum so we are very pleased to be able to hear about apple production in New York state and still share the US experience of Plant Growth Regulators for harvest management,” Rose said. 

Virtual Orchard Talk

The Spring series of Orchard Walks will also feature a national online Future Orchards Orchard Talk. 

“Over the past year, we have all learned that online delivery can be effective in sharing knowledge and techniques more widely within grower businesses,” Rose said. 

“Our Orchard Talk is a great opportunity for local growers to bring their orchard management teams together to hear Ross Wilson and Jonathan Brookes from AgFirst discuss setting targets for the 2022 harvest and what needs to happen this side of harvest to help you achieve the optimal crop load.  

“With limited labour, new harvest tech and chemical management options in the mix, we will look at how to monitor and manage pre-harvest indicators including flowering and vigour to achieve your crop target.” 

Jonathan and Ross will be available to take questions during the session and attendees will have opportunity to share their ideas and concerns for the coming harvest with growers across the nation. 

For full details about the orchard walks and talks and to register, click here. 

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