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APAL’s Future Orchards Orchard Walks: preparing for 2022 and beyond

Research & Extension

Following last week’s Tasmanian Orchard Walk, the APAL November Future Orchards® program of events continues tomorrow with local walks and the National Orchard Talk online. 

This is the last round of Orchard Walks for 2021, arming industry with the tools and insights needed for harvest and beyond. 

Come together in your region and discuss seasonal topics, hear R&D updates and see technology opportunities for our industry in the year ahead.  

Orchard data: Average isn’t good enough 

The National Orchard Talk, presented by AgFirst’s Craig Hornblow and Fruit Help’s Nic Finger, will drill down into collecting and using data to make informed decisions for the upcoming seasons. 

The Orchard Talk offers insights into industry best practice for profitable orchards of the future. 

Read more about the Orchard Talk here. 

Local in-orchard walks in your region 

The National Orchard Talk presentation will also feature at local Orchard Walks in Manjimup (WA), Batlow (NSW), Orange (NSW) and Lenswood (SA) on 18 November, and at the Thulimbah (Qld) Orchard Walk on 19 November. 

Attendees at the Northern Victoria, Southern Victoria and Stanthorpe Orchard Walks will have the opportunity to see the Green Atlas Cartographer in action, and learn more about this orchard data collection technology. 

The Northern Vic Orchard Walk on 25 November also offers the chance to see the Tatura SmartFarm research projects up close, with presentations from PIPS3 program researchers. 

Priest’s Orchard will host the Southern Vic Orchard Walk on 26 November, featuring discussions of attaining high quality fruit and the use of laser bird deterrents. 

Come and be a part of the APAL Orchard Walks. 

Register now. 

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