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APAL ramps up support for exporters

Export & Market Access

APAL delivered its first Export Development Workshop last week in partnership with PomeWest as it ramps up support available to local apple and pear growers interested in export for the current season and beyond.

Free online export training

APAL’s Justin Smith said the new workshop builds on the Apple and Pear Export Training program that was funded by the Apple and Pear Levy and was rolled out last year.

“Export isn’t for everyone but with static domestic demand, export is one avenue we need to pursue to grow returns and opportunities for our industry,” said Justin.

“Our industry already has considerable export expertise and experience because many of our growers are actively involved in export of stone fruit and cherries. We see opportunities to leverage this experience and existing relationships to grow apple exports,” said Justin.

Local export workshops

APAL’s first workshop was well received and APAL is eager to repeat the program in other growing regions.

“The Workshop is a great way to build understanding of what it takes to grow export quality fruit, to identify market opportunities and to get the fruit to market but it is also an opportunity to explore partnerships and supply arrangements between local growers with different export experience and appetites,” said Justin.

“Cooperation can bring scale, reduce some of the supply, quality and financial risks and creates options for a wider range of apple and pear producers,” said Justin.

export readiness

Expert support and funding for Pink Lady®-branded apple exports

In addition to the training program and workshops, APAL’s Pink Lady Australia has committed funding to support the export of Pink Lady®-branded apples from Australia in 2021.

Pink Lady Australia is able to provide support on meeting licensing, packaging and labelling requirements and offer other in-market support.

“We are eager to work with local producers to support their immediate and longer-term export development plans – and this includes leveraging the international marketing experience of our global Pink Lady Development operations,” said Andrew Mandemaker,  APAL’s Head of Group Quality, Innovation and Commercialisation and Regional Manager Australia and New Zealand.

For further information about Export Training program and Workshops contact Justin Smith, APAL Head of Industry Services.

To discuss Pink Lady Australia export support contact Andrew Mandemaker, APAL Head of Group Quality, Innovation and Commercialisation and Regional Manager Australia and New Zealand.

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