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APAL exporter update

Export & Market Access

Improved access for Australia apple and pears into India  

Australian apple and pear exporters now have improved access into the Indian market following amendments to India’s Plant Quarantine Order legislation. The amendments take effect immediately. 

The amendments allow Australian exporters to use in-transit cold treatment (ITCT) for products shipped to India which means fruit can be treated in transit, rather than prior to departure.  

The improved export arrangements means Australian exporters enjoy the same access as Argentina, Brazil and Serbia. 

Clarification on leaf tolerance in exports to NZ 

In response to a recent APAL’s request for clarification, the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment has confirmed the 1 in 50 leaf tolerance requirement that applies to pear imports into New Zealand can be extrapolated and applied as 12 in 600.

The New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries’ Import Health Standards 152.02 in section 7.4 states: 

‘Lots contaminated with foliage in excess of one leaf per 50 units shall be resorted, reshipped or destroyed at the importer’s option and expense’.  

This tolerance can also be applied during the Authorised Officer export inspection in Australia and is reflected in the Bilateral Quarantine Arrangement-Systems Operation Manual (BQA/SOM) under section 1.3 Contaminants. As the inspection sample size is typically 600 units, as specified under section 1.2 of the BQA/SOM, the practical result of applying the tolerance to the required 600 unit sample size is 12 leaves per 600 units.  

Australian exporters who encounter issues with the leaf tolerance (either in Australia or New Zealand) should contact the Department directly for assistance by emailing 

Thinking about exporting apples and pears? 

APAL’s Market Intelligence and Building Export Capability page  is your go-to resource with links to market overviews, import requirements  and retailer, importer and pricing information. 

We’ve recently added new information to this dedicated page designed to assist growers and exporters in the export process.

If you would like to discuss your export plans or to know more about possible opportunities please use the online enquiry form and your inquiry will be directed to the relevant member of our international marketing team. 


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