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New US agreement strengthens reach of Pink Lady brand

pink lady US agreement brandt

(from left) Andrew Hooke, COO, and Phillip Turnbull, CEO of APAL, Lynnell Brandt, President, and Kevin Brandt, Vice President of Pink Lady America.

APAL has reached an agreement with Pink Lady licence holders in the US to establish APAL as the exclusive Master Licensee for trade to and from the US and Mexico and act as the Manager, Administrator, and Licensor of all commercial activities to give effect to develop trade between the US/Mexico and the broader global Pink Lady® network.

“This agreement aligns our commercial goals for the benefit of the entire Pink Lady network and lays the foundations for future success with a framework that provides clarity for market development and brand growth,” said APAL CEO Phil Turnbull.

APAL currently licenses over three hundred exporters worldwide and manages a trademarks and licensing business in over ninety countries.

“This is a very exciting and significant step for our respective organisations and for the broader Pink Lady global network. It brings about alignment across the globe and wonderful commercial opportunities for all concerned,” said APAL Chief Operations Officer Andrew Hooke.

The deal between APAL and Brandt’s Fruit Trees and its marketing subsidiary Pink Lady America combines the interests, capability, and capacity of the respective parties and provides an opportunity for APAL to boost the export capability of Australian Pink Lady branded apples into the US.

“We are very excited as to this opportunity to more effectively build the brand globally by working together,” said Lynnell Brandt, President and Founder of Brandt’s Fruit Trees and President of Pink Lady America.

Brandt’s Fruit Trees is a leading grower, marketer, and packer of fruit and fruit trees that has operated in the United States for over eighty years, while Pink Lady America is the organisation established and exclusively licensed by Brandt’s Fruit Trees to manage and market Pink Lady® branded apples in the US and Mexico.

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