The APAL Constitution, as adopted on 7 July 2002, sets out the manner in which APAL members have agreed to conduct the internal administration of APAL.

Download the APAL Constitution.


The Australian Apple and Pear Growers Association Inc (“AAPGA”) was incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act (Vic) 1981 on 19 February 1992. At the annual general meeting of AAPGA in 1998, the membership of AAPGA charged the AAPGA Executive with the task of developing possible alternatives to the current industry structure.

In response, the AAPGA Executive established a working group to consider all available issues and options and to prepare a restructure proposal.

One of the main aims of the task force restructure proposal was to ensure effective representation of apple and pear growers within the Australian apple and pear industry and the wider horticultural industry.

The accepted restructure model was that AAPGA would transfer its incorporation from the Associations Incorporation Act (Vic) 1981 to the Corporations Act (Cth) 2001 and become a company limited by guarantee, and in so doing adopt a new constitution and change its name to Apple and Pear Australia Limited (“APAL”).

APAL has two classes of members; Class A Members, being levy paying apple and pear growers; and Class B Members, being state apple and pear growing organisations.

On 7 July 2002, the members of AAPGA resolved by special resolution to transfer the incorporation of AAPGA to the Corporations Act (Cth) 2001, to change the name of AAPGA to “Apple and Pear Australia Limited” and to adopt the APAL Constitution.

Content of APAL Constitution

Chapter 1 – Interpretation
Chapter 2 – Nature of the Company
Chapter 3 – Members
Chapter 4 – Directors
Chapter 5 – Management of Business by the Board
Chapter 6 – Board Meetings
Chapter 7 – General Meetings
Chapter 8 – Directors’ and Members’ Minutes
Chapter 9 – Secretary
Chapter 10 – Accounts and Audit
Chapter 11 – Winding Up
Chapter 12 – Indemnity and Insurance
Schedule 1 – Initial Class A Members
Schedule 2 – Initial Class B Members

Download the APAL Constitution.