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A collaborative approach to Varroa mite management


APAL has welcomed the decision of the Varroa mite National Management Group to approve the National Transition to Management Plan.

Consisting of State and Federal governments, alongside beekeeping and pollination industry representatives, the group is focused on a new era in biosecurity management for Varroa mite.

At the heart of the Transition to Management Plan are initiatives focused on education, support, and industry resilience. With a commitment of $100 million in funding, the plan emphasises the importance of beekeeper education and extension programs, ensuring that those on the front lines have the tools and training necessary to detect and manage Varroa infestations.

Through the deployment of specialist staff and the establishment of 100 full-day workshops across the country, beekeepers will receive tailored support and guidance in implementing management strategies. Additionally, the creation of a national database will facilitate information sharing and tracking of Varroa spread, enhancing the ability to monitor and respond to this evolving threat.

With a focus on collaboration and knowledge sharing, mitigating the impacts of Varroa mite and safeguarding the future of Australia’s beekeeping and agricultural industries is possible.

APAL is committed to working together with government agencies, industry organisations and stakeholders in the beekeeping and pollination sectors as we navigate this challenge together.

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