Australian Pome Fruit Improvement Program® Ltd (APFIP)

APFIP Logo WebThe Australian Pome Fruit Improvement Program® Ltd (APFIP) was established in 1997 and provides the Australian apple and pear industries with three main services:

  • Certification of propagating material varieties and rootstocks to help remove known viruses from plant germplasm.
  • Independent evaluation of new varieties.
  • Represent the apple industry in Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) matters that relate to quarantine and the introduction of new varieties.

A key role of APFIP is to liaise with AQIS to ensure the industry is adequately protected from exotic disease. It works to reduce post entry quarantine periods to ensure Australia’s international competitiveness is not impacted.

APFIP has also introduced a tree procurement service. The service helps growers foster better relationships with their nurseries and provide greater understanding on how to plan ahead to get the best quality trees.

Variety evaluation

APFIP’s variety evaluation program has provided the industry with independent data on 139 varieties to support growers in making better planting decisions. Identification of new varieties that perform poorly in a range of climates has been a key outcome of the program. This saves growers the major investment related to planting a poor performing variety.

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