Pink Lady at Fruit Logistica

In February 2017, APAL and the international network of Pink Lady® licensees and brand stakeholders had another strong delegation at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Germany.

The Pink Lady® stand at Fruit Logistica 2017.

The Pink Lady® stand at Fruit Logistica 2017.

APAL uses the event, beyond the exhibition itself, to enhance its position as global trademark and brand manager for Pink Lady and to meet with key decision makers. It is another example of how APAL continues to focus on the activities of the commercial business to deliver outcomes for the Pink Lady brand. APAL’s executive of CEO Phil Turnbull and Chair Michele Allan attended this year to reinforce APAL’s commitment to the global Pink Lady business and APAL’s interest in growing the brand.

Whilst the role of Fruit Logistica has ceased to be a direct sales opportunity, its importance has not been diminished as a networking and relationship building platform for both northern and southern hemisphere businesses. It serves as a boost to the end of northern hemisphere season programs and a starting point to discussions for southern hemisphere activity plans.

Australian businesses, namely Montague and Lenswood Apples, were in attendance to promote their export business and were hosted by key importers and brand managers within the Pink Lady network. Participation is important at visible global forums such as Fruit Logistica and sharing the global Pink Lady network illustrates APAL’s commitment to increasing exports for Australian businesses.

Discussions that take place in and around the event cover all aspects of the fruit business. APAL and the Pink Lady network held consultations on brand development, met widely with trademark licensees to discuss annual forecasts, and facilitated the presentation of promotional support plans to importers and retailers to meet those forecasts and seek opportunities to help build each other’s businesses. The European setting allows APAL to also meet with important subsidiaries such as Coregeo to conduct business reviews and share future plans.

The Pink Lady business proves APAL’s credentials to leverage industry relationships to build a prosperous global brand. When Pink Lady is shown within a global setting such as Fruit Logistica, the importance of the commercial role it plays for APAL and across the supply chain internationally is evident, particularly because it is held up as a benchmark for brand management. Pink Lady is commonly presented as the standard to which all new branded varieties aspire. APAL wants to ensure Pink Lady stays ahead by increasing involvement in, and management of the brand.

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