APAL trademarks

The following guidelines are available to ensure proper use of trade marks owned by APAL.

Trade mark symbols – ® or ™

The correct style to be used is determined by the status of the trade mark in the territory where the product will be sold or the article will be published. The registered symbol ® should only be used in territories where the trade mark is registered. The symbols used in the list below are relative to Australia. For other territories, contact APAL for assistance.

The symbol should be used with the most prominent appearance of the APAL mark on products, packaging, manuals, advertisements, promotional materials and web pages, and the first use of the mark in text or body copy.


Trade marked name or logo Variety name Usage
Azana® ‘RS103-130’ syn Kalei “Azana® apples”An apple that does not meet the Azana quality specifications is called a Kalei apple.
Pink Lady™ ‘Cripps Pink’ ‘Rosy Glow’ ‘Lady in Red’ “Pink Lady™ apples”The Pink Lady word and logo trade marks are registered in more than 80 jurisdictions worldwide in respect of apples and related goods and services. Pink Lady should only be used in reference to the fruit or products derived from fruit such as juice, slices, etc. It is not a variety, so it is incorrect to refer to a “Pink Lady tree”. An apple that does not meet the Pink Lady quality specifications is called a Cripps Pink, Rosy Glow, or Lady in Red apple.
Sundowner™ ‘Cripps Red’ “Sundowner™ apples”An apple that does not meet the Sundowner quality specifications is called a Cripps Red apple.

Variety name vs trade mark

A plant variety name is the name used to describe a single plant.

A trade mark or brand is a unique identifier which is used to differentiate one trader’s products or services from another trader.

APAL has set down quality specifications for its trade marked products. Simply put, the trade marked products are high quality fruit of the variety that meets specific quality criteria.


Other services related trade marks owned by APAL include:

  • AFFCO®
  • Coregeo®
  • Future Orchards®

APAL’s trade marks are reserved for the exclusive use of licensees. For licensing enquiries or more information contact APAL IP & Contracts Officer – IP Division Rebekah Jacobs on rjacobs@apal.org.au.