Future Orchards walks – Winter 2017

The winter 2017 series of Future Orchards® walks will continue with the underlying theme ‘future trees’.FO Winter flyer plus Ross

In this series the presenters will discuss the importance variety mix has on profitability. There will be a focus on winter pruning for improved production and quality as well as looking at understanding the style of pruning and training best suited under the various orchard systems and varieties used.

Michael Weber, a horticultural consultant from Germany, will join the Northern Loop as the international guest. Michael’s worked as a technical consultant and has completed an MBA program in International Marketing to determine how to add value to the horticulture industry. This resulted in him writing a thesis titled Identification of key success factors in the European Apple Business with a focus on apple variety development.

During his Future Orchards presentation, Apple brands – factors of success, Michael will address some key new parameters when choosing what to grow in the future whether it is a branded or commodity variety. This will include a way to approach making decisions about planting new varieties based on agronomic suitability to a region as well as evaluating different brands.

Branded apples are now a dominant feature in the global market place which are marketed more intensely in order to negotiate a higher price. For a grower it can mean that the complexities of assessing this as an investment are increased as there are many more arrangements, as well as some potential risks, associated with these brands. Michael’s talk will cover the major factors growers should look for as well as providing his view as to how managed varieties fit in the Australian and global landscape into the future.

AgFirst presenters will be Jonathan Brookes on the Northern Loop and Steve Spark on the Southern Loop.

Ross Wilson, of AgFirst, will join the Southern Loop presenting the latest on PIPS extension.

Presentations are available in the Future Orchards library


Michael Weber is a horticultural consultant from Germany and will join the Northern Loop orchard walk.

Michael Weber is a horticultural consultant from Germany and will join the Northern Loop orchard walk.

Schedule of Future Orchards walks – Winter 2017

Southern Loop

Northern Loop


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APAL’s Future Orchards® program is funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd using the apple and pear industry levy funds from growers and funds from the Australian Government. AgFirst is a key Future Orchards partner.

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