Pruning and training

2017 Pear Masterclass – notes and presentations

At the 2017 Pear Masterclass held on 6 June at Merrigum, Victoria, pear growers and advisors were given some insights into Integrated Pest Management and pear russeting. Special guests Marcel Veens, Horticultural Advisor and Dr Paul Horne, IPM Technologies, gave presentations, followed by a pear pruning demonstration at Jeftomsons’s Merrigum Orchard, Victoria. Dr Paul Horne, IPM Technologies Integrated Pest [...]

Pruning for profit

With winter approaching, it's time to start thinking about winter pruning with AgFirst's Craig Hornblow explaining some key pruning concepts to help improve the profitability of your orchard.   Clear targets and simple, repeatable rules The old saying 'speculate to accumulate' has never been truer in these trying times. What do we mean by this? [...]

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Pear Masterclass – presentations and videos

On 29 July 2016 as part of the Future Orchards program, APAL held a Pear Masterclass in Tatura, Victoria, to share both the best in European pear production with Australian pear growers and to give a pear pruning demonstration. Special guests Marcel Veens, Horticultural Advisor and Anton Jongerius, Fruitconsult, The Netherlands gave presentations, followed by a demonstration [...]

Pushing orchard performance boundaries

AgFirst’s John Wilton hones in on some key factors – particularly chemical thinning in the lead up to spring – that orchardists can concentrate on to optimise yield and fruit colour.  In preparation for writing this article I spent some time trawling through our OrchardNet™ Australian database. The database shows that in general, Australian orchard yield performance is climbing. The two major varieties [...]

Robot-ready 2D orchards

Mark Trzaskoma, the Production Manager at Battunga Orchards, Victoria, is APAL’s 2016 Grower of the Year and has been transforming the orchard’s blocks in the aim to make them all two dimensional and robot-ready.    Mark has been working at Battunga Orchards for 12 years and received the 2016 Grower of the Year award for [...]

Future Orchards wrap – winter 2016

From 13 to 17 June the Southern Loop Future Orchards® walks took place throughout Australia, starting in Manjimup, then moving onto the Adelaide Hills, Hobart and finishing in Southern Victoria. A similar program was run two weeks later for the northern growing districts. The quality of the orchard venues presented to the 200 odd growers [...]

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Labour efficient canopies

Presentation from Marcel Veens, Marcel Veens Horticultural Advisor, during the June 2016 Future Orchards® winter walks. Labour efficient canopies – presentation

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Platforms for increased labour efficiency

The benefits of platforms for increasing orchard labour efficiency was the focus of the June 2016 winter Future Orchards®  presentation given by Steve Spark, of AgFirst. Platforms for increased labour efficiency – notes Platforms for increased labour efficiency – presentation

Pruning techniques for pear trees

Updated 27 August 2015 The team at the Horticulture Centre of Excellence's pear field laboratory in Victoria have produced a series of webinars on pruning techniques for pear trees. Topics include: Cordon training systems for pear trees Managing leader growth on young pear trees How to notch dormant pear tree buds Removing unwanted growth points [...]

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Multi-leader trees and mechanical pruning in Europe

By Ulf Kerer As part of APAL’s Future Orchards® program, Ulf Kerer shares a suite of the latest orchard management, tree structure and mechanisation technologies being developed and assessed in Italy for pome fruit growers. The graft is low to allow the development of fruiting spurs even in the lower part of these twin-stem [...]

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