Investing in international employees

In a smart move to mitigate risk and ensure a diversity of labour sources in a tightening labour market, General Manager Craig Boyce and his wife and staff trainer Anne have been successfully recruiting and employing workers, other than backpackers, from overseas to work in the orchards and packing shed. Craig started working [...]

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Award winning passion for the industry

Mel Ware is passionate about the apple and pear industry, she is also committed to promoting the valuable work of Australian growers on a regular basis. Mel’s drive and determination hasn’t gone unnoticed, with her receiving the 2016 National Awards for Excellence Rising Star Award. Created with flickr slideshow.   Mel, 29, is the Orchard [...]

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Robot-ready 2D orchards

Mark Trzaskoma, the Production Manager at Battunga Orchards, Victoria, is APAL’s 2016 Grower of the Year and has been transforming the orchard’s blocks in the aim to make them all two dimensional and robot-ready.    Mark has been working at Battunga Orchards for 12 years and received the 2016 Grower of the Year award for [...]

Picking platforms with Jason Shields

With two platforms in operation and another two on order, Plunkett Orchards are reaping the benefits of mechanisation on their orchards. APAL met with Orchard Manager Jason Shields to see the platforms in operation and learn more about them.  Plunkett Orchards in Victoria is a large apple and pear grower, based in the Goulburn Valley. They produce around 12,000 bins of apples every year including Pink [...]

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A growing future

By Richelle Zealley Study has opened Thomas Griggs' mind to the opportunities the horticulture industry can bring, he hopes to develop the skills to one day manage his own orchard. Born to an apple-growing family and working at Hansen Orchards in Tasmania got Thomas Griggs interested in the apple industry, but it was his [...]

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Netting, your best insurance

By Sophie Clayton Hail is the number one enemy of NSW apple growers The Westcastle Partnership, but with a long term plan and some recent help from the NSW State Government, they have now netted most of their orchard.    Around 80 per cent of orchards around Orange are now netted with either structured or drape netting. Devastating hailstorms have once [...]

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Tassie Tigers roar into Asia

Andrew and Leeanne Scott of Scott Brothers in Tasmania have been doing their fair share of increasing Australia’s apple exports by sending shipments of their very own Tasmanian Tiger Fuji apples to Asia. Andrew Scott and his wife Leeanne walking through their orchard of Tasmanian Tiger Fuji apple trees in Geeveston, Tasmania. Exports [...]

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Invest in energy efficiency, better than money in the bank

After an energy audit of his business, apple grower and packer Ian Cathels of Ardrossan Batlow Apples, NSW, has implemented some energy-saving measures that have significantly reduced his electricity costs. Last year, KMH Environmental conducted energy audits in 30 fruit production businesses across Australia as part of APAL’s Watts in Your Business program to identify [...]

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Winning orchardist launches into Rockit™

With a relatively small orchard, but a practical and smart approach to expansion; engagement in research trials; business diversification; enthusiasm for new varieties; and an open attitude to learning and sharing, it’s clear why South Australian orchardist Joel Brockhoff was chosen for the APAL 2015 Young Grower of the Year award. Apples were first planted [...]

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Inside the orchard of our 2015 Grower of the Year

Brad Fankhauser is a hard-working, passionate, fourth generation apple grower who is excited about the future of his orchard and the industry. It seems that Brad was destined to become an apple grower. His ancestors settled in Melbourne in the 1850s and have grown apples along the banks of the Yarra, the Burwood Highway and [...]

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