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Smarter control of orchard pests with IPM

IPM, or Integrated Pest Management, can be a daunting idea for growers fearing reducing pesticide use may expose their orchards to pest damage but, to Dr Paul Horne of IPM Technologies, pest management without IPM is unfeasible because sooner or later pesticides will fail due to pests developing pesticide resistance. Many orchardists have implemented – [...]

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2017 Pear Masterclass – notes and presentations

At the 2017 Pear Masterclass held on 6 June at Merrigum, Victoria, pear growers and advisors were given some insights into Integrated Pest Management and pear russeting. Special guests Marcel Veens, Horticultural Advisor and Dr Paul Horne, IPM Technologies, gave presentations, followed by a pear pruning demonstration at Jeftomsons’s Merrigum Orchard, Victoria. Dr Paul Horne, IPM Technologies Integrated Pest [...]

Pest Alert: Dothiorella sarmentorum

This image was taken from the neglected organic orchard where dieback was detected. APAL is calling on growers to be vigilant in checking crops for dieback, caused by pest threat Dothiorella sarmentorum, and recently detected in Victoria.  Victorian State Biosecurity officers have detected a fungal pathogen Dothiorella sarmentorum which has been reported as [...]

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SITplus update – finding solutions to fruit fly

In the latest update from the SITplus initiative, Dr Penny Measham introduces a new project to better understand Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) behaviour and outlines work to identify the most cost effective method to deploy sterile fruit flies. SITplus is a five-year $45 million R&D partnership that aims to deliver an integrated pest management solution to the [...]

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Protecting NSW orchards

NSW apple and pear growers can view state specific, up-to-date technical information on all aspects of crop protection, including known pests and suggested monitoring times, with the newest edition of the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Orchard plant protection guide for deciduous fruits in NSW. The guide provides NSW apple, pear, cherry and stonefruit growers with a [...]

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What’s stopping Area Wide Management and SIT adoption?

Interview results have identified the key barriers to the adoption of Area Wide Management and Sterile Insect Technology to manage Queensland fruit fly in horticultural crops. To assist with the long term control and eradication of the horticultural pest Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) we aimed to identify the barriers and facilitators to Area Wide Management and Sterile [...]

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IPM uptake in the apple and pear industry

RM Consulting Group and IPM Technologies have joined forces to conduct a review and to report on the current use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) within the apple and pear industry and the efficacy of the current IPM Manual in guiding practice. Needs analysis for IPM Integrated Pest Management (IPM) can mean different things to [...]

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Advances in codling moth control in orchards

By David Williams Parasitoid wasps, mass trapping of female codling moths and the use of mating disruption could, when combined, help control codling moth in apple and pear orchards, and reduce pesticide use. Plant & Food Research New Zealand have taken a timelapse video of parasitoid wasp Mastrus ridens seeking out hibernating codling moth caterpillars and laying eggs [...]

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Minor use permit issued for Polyram

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has issued an updated minor use permit for the active constituent metiram (PER12864) for use on apples to control Alternaria species. The permit was due to expire on 30 June 2016, but will now expire 30 June 2021. Polyram®, which contains metiram, has full registration for the [...]

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Area wide management for Qfly

By Dr Penny Measham To help control one of horticulture’s biggest pests, Queensland fruit fly, a horticulture-wide research program is underway to advance sterile insect technology, but this technology will be most successful if adopted alongside Area Wide Management. Dr Penny Measham reminds us what Area Wide Management is and how it can be implemented [...]

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