Managing vigour, crop load and thinning

Are chemical thinners necessary?

Spring is here and thinning is on everyone’s mind – but are chemical thinners really necessary or even the best way to manage your crop load? Crop load management is the single most important practice determining the annual profitability of apple orchards, yet it is the most difficult. Whilst our knowledge of chemical thinning [...]

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Pushing orchard performance boundaries

AgFirst’s John Wilton hones in on some key factors – particularly chemical thinning in the lead up to spring – that orchardists can concentrate on to optimise yield and fruit colour.  In preparation for writing this article I spent some time trawling through our OrchardNet™ Australian database. The database shows that in general, Australian orchard yield performance is climbing. The two major varieties [...]

Year-round quality management begins after harvest

By John Wilton AgFirst’s John Wilton explains how growing high quality fruit needs a whole-of-year focus because the production year begins immediately after harvest and finishes with a successful harvest next year. This intensive block was grafted to a double leader system two years ago – it is now set up for a substantial [...]

High orchard performance depends on good thinning

By John Wilton, AgFirst The 2014/15 season was a very good time for pome fruit across Australia. The positive results were partly due to a kinder than normal climate for growing apples but this appears to have been a minor factor.  These second leaf red strain of Cripps Pink have failed to colour well [...]

Chemical thinning options for European pears

By Dr Sally Bound Dr Sally Bound helps us understand the research on chemical thinning of pears to help provide reliable recommendation to growers.  Desiccants need to be applied when sufficient flowers have already been fertilised to give a good crop load. With little information available on chemical thinning programs for European pears [...]

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Spring crop management

By John Wilton This tree flowered for about six weeks. At the time the photo was taken the flowering sites ranged from tight cluster to early stages of petal fall. The chemical thinners lifted fruitlet rather than reduced it. As we head towards Spring, AgFirst’s John Wilton shares his advice and expert tips [...]

A critical time for orchard management

To help growers in this busy time of year, AgFirst’s Jesse Reader gives a run-down on the important orchard management activities that need to be done now to help optimise orchard productivity. Author: Jesse Reader AgFirst Australia 0419 107 245 2014 is all but over and it’s around this time we often [...]

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Fewer spurs lead to a better and more reliable fruit set

In this article, we see how fruit set responds to different crop management approaches and how precision control of annual fruiting can deliver predictable yields, higher fruit quality and better orchard profits. By Stuart Tustin, Ken Breen, Ben van Hooijdonk, Sally Bound, Heidi Parkes, Osi Tabing, Simon Middleton, John Wilkie and Dugald Close. The shift [...]

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Getting the most out of chemical thinning

Responses from chemical thinning can be unpredictable, making optimal management of crop load a difficult task. Here Dr Sally Bound helps navigate through the different options available to find a perfect match for you orchard. Trying to juggle the different ways to manage crop load with unstable spring weather conditions is a fine balancing act. [...]

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Orchard trials shape future management strategies

Over the last two seasons over twenty five trials have been carried out in association with the Future Orchards® program. Each trial has been designed and implemented collectively by growers, front line advisors and consultants with the aim of finding practical solutions to common challenges and constraints that limit orchard productivity. Authors: Richard Pentreath [...]