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Strategic Investment Plan out now

The Apple and Pear Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) has been released by Hort Innovation to help guide its oversight and management of levy investments over the next five years. The SIP (2017-2021) lays the foundation for decision making in levy investments and represents the balanced interest of the industry. An important function of the SIP [...]

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Why create your own crisis?

An insider’s view of the backpacker tax Phil Pyke from Fruit Growers Tasmania ignites the discussion about the proposed backpacker tax and warns of pending disaster for fruit growers in his state and beyond if the tax proceeds.   One can only ever wonder the outcomes of ignoring workplace hazards that may potentially cause injuries [...]

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Australian fruit supply could drop

The CEO of Australia’s industry body representing apple and pear growers is asking the Federal Government to scrap all plans for the proposed backpacker tax to ensure there are enough workers to pick local fruit – or risk the supply of Australian fruit drying up. Australia's apple and pear industry heavily relies on backpackers [...]

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Storing apples

One of the great natural features of apples is that they store really well. In Australia you can buy crisp and tasty apples all year around because of how apples are stored.   Apple storage in history Historically, one of the reasons apples have become such an important and loved fruit is because they can [...]

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Levies: where your money goes

Author: Annie Farrow Industry Services Manager, APAL 03 9329 3511 By Annie Farrow All commercial apple and pear growers pay levies to support industry research and development, marketing, residue testing and biosecurity – but who gets what and how is it really spent? APAL recently posted an article about the likelihood of [...]

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Horticulture survey reports high growth prospects

APAL is supporting the Voice of Horticulture as it reports strong growth prospects from analysis of a recent members' survey relating to issues of importance. Read the Voice of Horticulture media release: Horticulture survey reports high growth prospects (26 Nov 2015) Media contacts at Voice of Horticulture.

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GST and market issues key to horticulture profits

APAL is supporting the Voice of Horticulture as it identifies a number of emerging policy issues that impact on horticulture profits for producers. A recent survey of their members has revealed that a GST on fresh food is one of several market issues of concern. Read the Voice of Horticulture media release: GST and market issues key [...]

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Country of origin labelling update

APAL CEO John Dollisson and Industry Services Manager Annie Farrow met with officials from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science while in Canberra recently to better understand what progress the Government has made with respect to its proposed changes to labelling laws. Minister Joyce also responded to country of origin labelling issues APAL had [...]

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APAL makes submission to review of the Hort code

APAL has made a submission to the review of the Horticulture Code of Conduct to ensure that both parties involved in a transaction have a shared understanding and acceptance of the terms of a trade up-front, before the transaction is made. The main points APAL has raised are in relation to: Transparency between growers and the first [...]

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New tax changes may increase illegal employment

Author: Annie Farrow Industry Services Manager, APAL 03 9329 3511 APAL is concerned that new tax rules applying to temporary working holiday makers, 417 and 462 Visa holders, will create incentives that will cause workers and the contract labour firms that might manage them to work illegally. In the 2015–16 Budget the Government proposed [...]

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