Orchard redevelopment

By John Wilton A sustainable orchard business needs to have a planned orchard redevelopment programme in order to maintain its variety mix and plantings at a profitable level of production and returns. This planning needs to be long term, at least five years out and preferably longer. Good orchard performance data should be the basis [...]

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Pressing on when nature is against you: a grafting success story

AgFirst’s Jesse Reader explains how grafting was used to successfully rework an orchard in response to the drought – resulting in substantial yield improvements.   By Jesse Reader A well-sealed and taped graft. Between 2007 and 2010, when many Victorian apple growers were feeling the brunt of the drought, some chose to push [...]

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Topworking: rapid and inexpensive orchard varietal change

Topworking, or changing the variety of an established tree by leaving it’s rootstock in place and grafting a new variety on top, can be a very quick, cost-effective and practical solution to establishing new varieties. Author:Dr Gordon BrownDirector Scientific Horticulture and Dry Ideas 03 6239 6411 In order to maximise profit in [...]

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