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PIPS2 update – June 2017

Download the PIPS2 update given at the Future Orchards walk in June 2017 by Ross Wilson.

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PIPS2 update – September 2016

Download the presentation given by AgFirst's Breet Feehan at the September 2016 Future Orchards walks on PIPS2.

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2017 Pear Masterclass – notes and presentations

At the 2017 Pear Masterclass held on 6 June at Merrigum, Victoria, pear growers and advisors were given some insights into Integrated Pest Management and pear russeting. Special guests Marcel Veens, Horticultural Advisor and Dr Paul Horne, IPM Technologies, gave presentations, followed by a pear pruning demonstration at Jeftomsons’s Merrigum Orchard, Victoria. Dr Paul Horne, IPM Technologies Integrated Pest [...]

What varieties should I plant?

No matter where you grow pome fruit in the world, every grower at one time or another will ask themselves, ‘What variety should I plant?’. Although a simple question, it can prove one of the most difficult to answer. Some growers are perceived to be more adept at picking variety ‘winners’ than others. My experience [...]

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Future Orchards: harvest walks done

During harvest in March 2017, the Future Orchards® walks shifted themes from ‘Future Labour’ to ‘Future Trees’.  AgFirst’s Ross Wilson and Craig Hornblow presented on how the variety mix affects profitability, especially in the context of the increasing presence of club varieties, along with the industry and marketing dynamics involved in the variety business. Our [...]

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Pruning for profit

With winter approaching, it's time to start thinking about winter pruning with AgFirst's Craig Hornblow explaining some key pruning concepts to help improve the profitability of your orchard.   Clear targets and simple, repeatable rules The old saying 'speculate to accumulate' has never been truer in these trying times. What do we mean by this? [...]

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Focus Orchard and Trial Update April 2017

By Jonathan Brookes, AgFirst Focus Orchard blocks overview The Focus Orchards blocks are designed to take existing orchard blocks, and through focused management optimise the results they can achieve, and show industry how this is done along the way. The individual Focus Orchard blocks for the regions of Orange and Batlow have had challenges and [...]

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Future Orchards walks – Winter 2017

The winter 2017 series of Future Orchards® walks will continue with the underlying theme 'future trees'. In this series the presenters will discuss the importance variety mix has on profitability. There will be a focus on winter pruning for improved production and quality as well as looking at understanding the style of pruning and training best suited [...]

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Labour-saving harvest techniques

With harvest in full swing, if not already completed in some regions and for some varieties, it’s timely to look at how orchardists can reduce their labour costs and look at some interesting machines from Europe that can help. A rise in orchard production costs around the world has had a major influence on the [...]

An exposé on pome fruit rootstocks

The Future Orchards® theme in the next 12 months is looking at ‘future trees’ - this article is the first discussing this new theme and focuses below the ground on rootstocks. For well over a century and, in the case of Europe many centuries, apples and pears have been grown on clonal rootstocks. In that [...]

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