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Focus Orchard and Trial Update April 2017

By Jonathan Brookes, AgFirst Focus Orchard blocks overview The Focus Orchards blocks are designed to take existing orchard blocks, and through focused management optimise the results they can achieve, and show industry how this is done along the way. The individual Focus Orchard blocks for the regions of Orange and Batlow have had challenges and [...]

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Future Orchards walks – Winter 2017

The winter 2017 series of Future Orchards® walks are scheduled for June and will continue with the underlying theme 'future trees'. In this series the presenters will discuss the importance variety mix has on profitability. There will be a focus on winter pruning for improved production and quality as well as looking at understanding the style of [...]

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Labour-saving harvest techniques

With harvest in full swing, if not already completed in some regions and for some varieties, it’s timely to look at how orchardists can reduce their labour costs and look at some interesting machines from Europe that can help. A rise in orchard production costs around the world has had a major influence on the [...]

An exposé on pome fruit rootstocks

The Future Orchards® theme in the next 12 months is looking at ‘future trees’ - this article is the first discussing this new theme and focuses below the ground on rootstocks. For well over a century and, in the case of Europe many centuries, apples and pears have been grown on clonal rootstocks. In that [...]

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Focus Orchard Trial Update January 2017

By Steven Spark and Yvette Jones (AgFirst) Small scale on-orchard trials are a regular part of the Future Orchards® project and occur across all growing regions. Not only does this encourage innovation at an orchard level but gives growers an opportunity to implement the latest research and development ideas and techniques available to them on-orchard. This [...]

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Orchard Business Analysis 2015-2016

By Ross Wilson Another series of data was collected for the Future Orchards® Orchard Business Analysis during July and August 2016 – this article highlights some of the key findings.  The objective of the Orchard Business Analysis (OBA) is to determine the productivity and economic performance of the Australian pome fruit industry over time. This [...]

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Future Orchards walks – Autumn 2017

The autumn 2017 series of Future Orchards walks have been scheduled for March 2017 and will feature Dale Goldy from Stemilt – one of the largest fruit companies in Washington State, USA – and local pest expert David Williams. Download the Future Orchards walks - Autumn 2017 flyer. David will join the Northern [...]

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Focus Orchards block data a few mouse clicks away

As part of the Future Orchards® program, data from Focus Orchard blocks Australia-wide is now available online on a real time basis to all members of the Australian apple and pear industry. Download and print this article with guide to accessing Focus Orchard block data Any Australian IP address (so any computer hooked into the [...]

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Calcium to combat post-harvest disorders

AgFirst’s Dean Rainham outlines some practical management strategies to obtain optimum calcium levels in apple trees because inadequate calcium can result in post-harvest disorders such as bitter pit and blotch. Calcium supports cell wall integrity and, without sufficient calcium, cells become leaky, more prone to disease and can collapse and die. The incidence of bitter [...]

How does your orchard stack up?

The results of the most comprehensive study to determine how Australian apple and pear growing businesses are performing show that the benchmark yield increased by 28 per cent between 2014 and 2015 to an all-time high of 47.9 tonnes per hectare. Every year, AgFirst compiles the results of the Orchard Business Analysis (OBA) to determine [...]

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