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Calcium to combat post-harvest disorders

AgFirst’s Dean Rainham outlines some practical management strategies to obtain optimum calcium levels in apple trees because inadequate calcium can result in post-harvest disorders such as bitter pit and blotch. Calcium supports cell wall integrity and, without sufficient calcium, cells become leaky, more prone to disease and can collapse and die. The incidence of bitter [...]

Ethephon, enhancing colour in apples

Ethephon has a range of valuable uses in the orchard, but we need to carefully consider how and when it is used to enhance colour because its use before harvest can affect other fruit quality traits and long-term storage potential. By Angus Crawford Ethephon can be part of your management to improve colour, but [...]

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The Australian orchard of the future

By Jesse Reader At the 2015 National Horticulture Convention, Jesse Reader convened a panel discussion titled ‘Tripling orchard profitability by 2030, can you do it?’ Here Jesse shares some key points from the discussion that highlighted features of the future Australian orchard.  A two dimensional fruit wall. This discussion was centred on the [...]

Watch out for internal browning of Cripps Pink this season

Author: Dr Gordon Brown Scientific Horticulture 03 6239 6411 The 2014/15 growing season has been cool across a range of apple production districts, which could lead to an increase in the incidence of internal browning in long term stored 'Cripps Pink' fruit. To avoid this, growers and cool store operators should plan [...]

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Hope maturity tester will improve pome fruit quality

Blog author: Dr Dario Stefanelli Team Leader - Fruit Physiology, Agriculture Research Division, Vic. Dept. of Environment and Primary Industries 03 9032 7373  | Dr Dario Stefanelli, Team Leader – Fruit physiology, Agriculture Research Division at the Victorian Government Department of Environment and Primary Industries explains how a new non-destructive fruit maturity [...]

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