Biennial bearing

Future Orchards trial update: Fuji cincturing for return bloom

Download the interim report for the Future Orchards® trial: Fuji cincturing for return bloom 2016/17 Region: Batlow, NSW Contact: Kevin Dodds  

Precision crop load management without chemicals

In the lead-up to spring, University of Tasmania researcher Sally Bound updates us with the latest and very promising results from her research identifying how to use Artificial Spur Extension to manage crop load and get better production results. What is Artificial Spur Extinction? Artificial Spur Extinction (ASE) is a crop load management method using [...]

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Pushing orchard performance boundaries

AgFirst’s John Wilton hones in on some key factors – particularly chemical thinning in the lead up to spring – that orchardists can concentrate on to optimise yield and fruit colour.  In preparation for writing this article I spent some time trawling through our OrchardNet™ Australian database. The database shows that in general, Australian orchard yield performance is climbing. The two major varieties [...]

High orchard performance depends on good thinning

By John Wilton, AgFirst The 2014/15 season was a very good time for pome fruit across Australia. The positive results were partly due to a kinder than normal climate for growing apples but this appears to have been a minor factor.  These second leaf red strain of Cripps Pink have failed to colour well [...]

Spring crop management

By John Wilton This tree flowered for about six weeks. At the time the photo was taken the flowering sites ranged from tight cluster to early stages of petal fall. The chemical thinners lifted fruitlet rather than reduced it. As we head towards Spring, AgFirst’s John Wilton shares his advice and expert tips [...]

Artificial spur extinction – a new crop management tool

Spur Extinction – a natural process leading to a new crop management technology In the May edition of AFG, the PIPS Tree Structure team detailed the importance of tree structure in optimising productivity of Australian apple orchards. In this article, they introduce the new crop management tool 'Artificial Spur Extinction'. Spur extinction - the natural [...]