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Philip Turnbull


Philip brings a strong commercial understanding and growing background to APAL. He is familiar with the apple and pear industry, as both an APAL Director and an industry member. He comes from a growing family and knows the challenges and opportunities of the industry.

Philip has worked in marketing with Pacific Brands Food Group and Nestlé Dairy Products, managing a number of iconic Australian brands. More recently, he was Managing Director of his family business, Turnbull Estate Pty Ltd, an online gift retail and real estate gifting solutions business. Philip became the APAL Director for pears in 2006, Independent Director for APAL in 2015 and APAL CEO in 2016. Email Phil.

Nikki K Wood

Executive Assistant to CEO and Board

Nikki joined APAL in March 2015 and provides executive support to the CEO and Board as well as administrative assistance across APAL. Email Nikki.

Angus Crawford

Technical Manager

Angus joined APAL in May 2014. He oversees APAL’s technical projects and provides his agronomic support to growers. Email Angus.

Alison Barber

Engagement Officer

Alison joined APAL in 2014 to update all APAL’s grower contact details and to help upgrade our database of members. She keeps busy calling members and growers and will be looking for better ways to engage growers in the future. Email Alison.

Richelle Zealley

Communications and Events Officer

Richelle joined APAL in 2012 and currently works part-time. She is responsible for managing content on the APAL website, in Australian Fruitgrower magazine, e-newsletter Industry Juice, media relations and social media engagement (facebook, twitter, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn).

Email Richelle or connect with Richelle on LinkedIn.

Yang Song

Economist / Statistician

Yang started with APAL in 2015 and is pulling together existing data to build an economic model from seed to sale; creating detailed models for orchard, packing, marketing and exports; and developing a series of statistical datasheets on the industry.

Email Yang.

Garry Langford

Manager, Intellectual Property Division

Garry joined APAL in 1997. He manages the Australian Pome Fruit Improvement Program Ltd (APFIP), global licencing of APAL’s PINK LADY trade marks and new market development for the PINK LADY brand as Chair of Pink Lady Development Limited. He is also Director and manager of the International Pink Lady Alliance, Director of Prevar Limited and Chair of Prevar’s Commercialisation and Technical Committee. Email Garry.

Sandy Dickinson

Executive Assistant & Secretariat to International Pink Lady Alliance & Pink Lady Development

Sandy has worked with APAL across 17 years. She currently provides secretariat services to the International Pink Lady Alliance (IPLA) and Pink Lady Development (PLD) companies, supporting the respective boards and members. Email Sandy.

Rebekah Jacobs

Trade Mark Attorney – Intellectual Property Division

Rebekah joined APAL in 2011. She prepares trade mark licences and other agreements for the international PINK LADY brand and other apple and pear brands/varieties being evaluated or commercialised by APAL. Rebekah maintains APAL’s international trade mark portfolio and liaises with firms on registration, maintenance and defence of APAL’s trade marks. Email Rebekah.

Craig Chester

Head of Commercial & Brand Development

Craig Chester joined APAL in June 2015. Craig’s priority is finding ways for our partners to leverage higher value from the Pink Lady™ and other associated APAL brands, and developing commercial brand strategy for new and emerging markets. Email Craig.

Andrew Mandemaker

Quality Project Manager

Andrew Mandemaker joined APAL in August 2016. Andrew is responsible for the implementation of licensing and quality standards within Australia for APAL’s apple and pear products. Andrew has previously worked in technical roles with the Fresh Produce Group, Coles Supermarkets and the New Zealand Avocado Industry Council. Educated as a Plant Physiologist, Andrew brings a wealth of post-harvest quality and quality control system experience to APAL. Email Andrew.